Digital Media Lab

Student Poster Printing

Poster Printing for Students

Poster printing is an academic resource provided to Xavier students.


  1. Choose a poster template and adapt it as needed.
    • Please note: Posters with backgrounds that are not white (full color, photos, etc.) will not be printed.
  2. Save the poster as a .pdf from PowerPoint. Do not Print to PDF, this changes the size and quality
  3. Complete the Poster Printing Request Form (below) and attach the poster .pdf to the form.

    Once the file has been received, students can expect a quick turn-around time of 48 hours during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 9-5pm).
  4. When the poster is completed and ready, you will be emailed to pick it up at the Digital Media Lab. The poster will be charged to the student's account as a library fine and can be paid at the Connection Center Desk at your convenience. 

Please Note: Students who will have posters paid for by their department require pre-approval before we can charge the department. A department representative (faculty or staff) must complete the Student Poster Pre-Approval Form and the student will immediately be authorized for printing.

Screenshot of a Cut-Off Note for Printing Instructions



Cost: $6 / linear foot

Example: a 36 x 48 poster would cost $24.00

Payment is made at the Connection Center Desk. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, X-Cash or interdepartmental form (departmental approval and prior notice required). Credit card and bursar charges are not accepted at this time.

If your department will be paying for your poster the Digital Media Lab must be notified by a department representative prior to printing the poster. Budget numbers and changes to billing cannot be made by library staff upon pickup of the poster.

PLEASE NOTE: Any posters that are not picked up and paid for by the students will be charged to the students bursar account.


If you have any questions, please contact The Digital Media Lab.