College of Arts and Sciences

Roger A. Fortin Award

The humanities, namely the disciplines represented by the departments of Classics and Modern Languages, English, History, Philosophy, and Theology, figure prominently in the core curriculum of Xavier University and in the academic life of the community. The teacher-scholars in the humanities play a unique and important role in the fulfillment of Xavier's mission of engaging students intellectually, morally, and spiritually and in the intellectual life of the University.

Description of Award

The Roger A. Fortin Award for Outstanding Teaching and Scholarship in the Humanities was established and endowed to recognize "a teacher-scholar who, in the judgment of students and peers, is excellent to outstanding in her or his teaching and, in the judgment of the faculty, shows evidence of scholarship that is recognized and given positive evaluations by the scholarly community." The award winner will receive $13,250 and be recognized at a public ceremony in the spring semester.

Nomination and Selection Process

Award Recipients