Department of Art

Society of Visual Arts

The Society of Visual Arts is a student club devoted to making, exhibiting, viewing, and discussing works of art.

AIGA Student Group

The AIGA Student Group is part of the local and national AIGA organization that "Is committed to advancing design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force."

AIGA is a national organization that brings artists and graphic designers together, whether for educational or professional mentoring purposes. AIGA helps students and any graphic designer with opportunities for jobs, internships, co-ops, scholarships, portfolio reviews, and mentoring. AIGA is committed to advancing design as a professional craft. The main goal and purpose of Xavier's AIGA chapter is to bring the school's graphic designers together and to better us as a department and as individual designers. We want Xavier's graphic design program to become one where clients and businesses know our name and our work. AIGA is all about knowing how to make it in the real working industry. With tutorials on building resumes, portfolio development, and web design techniques, Xavier's AIGA club seeks to develop its students.