Department of Art


Art is an exciting field for successful and challenging careers. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts have chosen a variety of career areas including: illustration, graphic design, exhibition design/building, model making, museum administration, gallery operations, interior/exterior design, point of sale display, art therapy, teaching art (preK-12), restoration and photography. Some alumni have professional practices in design, ceramics, jewelry, fibers and painting as artists and craftsmen.

With the bachelor degree and additional graduate study, alumni are working in elementary, secondary and collegiate art education, art therapy and architecture. Because of the strong liberal arts components of the Xavier education, some students have been able to opt for careers in medicine, clinical psychology, law and management.

With interdisciplinary studies such as electronic media or business administration, students have laid the groundwork for careers in animation, art direction and arts administration.

Virtually everything we have around us was first conceptualized by an artist/designer!