Department of Art

Rome Study Abroad

Students on a Study Abroad trip in Rome

ARTS 113-RM1: Art in Rome class introduces students to the art and architectural wonders of Italy spanning ancient to modern times. Rome is a historic center of great art, culture and learning. Students do not only get immersed in Rome but have opportunities to visit other cities in Italy including Florence, Siena and Assisi as part of the Rome Study Abroad program. In each locale we see as many of the most important art works as we possibly can by artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian and Caravaggio in places such as the Borghese Gallery, Vatican, St. Peter's, and the Uffizi.

The Art in Rome class sees a large variety of masterworks on-site in churches, museums and on the streets. We spend roughly five hours each day in the city looking at art, sharing the historical record, and drawing or writing from it. Students realize that humans across many centuries have created profoundly brilliant and beautiful works from architecture to sculpture to painting and everything in between. Perhaps the most lasting influence of this course of study is appreciating the gift of living fully through the experiences of wonderful art, culture, language, food, and variety! Studying art in Rome brings history to life in ways that the classroom cannot, thus encouraging students to foster a life-long passion for researching and seeking out the world's treasures-both natural and human-made.


Students taking a group photo while on a Study Abroad trip in Rome Students looking at drawings while on a Study Abroad trip in Rome