Department of Art

Maria Hart, Olivia Lewis, Ted Niehaus, and Lottie Shepherd Senior Thesis Art Exhibitions

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present thesis exhibitions by four Senior Art Majors – Maria Hart, Drawing/Painting; Olivia Lewis, Sculpture; Ted Niehaus, Graphic Design; Lottie Shepherd, Photography, March 24-April 14th.

Maria Hart presents Opening the Well, an installation that represents her own messy bedroom, complete with a series of multimedia self-portraits. Her work explores self-image and art as a means for communication of mental health and therapy. 

Olivia Lewis believes that she was born to become an art teacher.  She dedicates her thesis exhibition K-12 to her high school art teacher and cooperating teachers who mentored her to become an art teacher.

What is Wrong with You is a collection of satirical advertisements created by Ted Niehaus which explore the relationship between the advertisement and the viewer. Each piece represents an abstract concept advertised by various brands, to persuade the viewer they want what is being offered.

Lottie Shepherd presents GIG – a series of five photographs.  She states: “As a photographer specializing in creative portraiture, I aim to visually convey the energy of each musician and their music. Music is an art form meant to be experienced with all of our senses, and through photography, I strive to bring that experience to life for the viewer. My goal is to combine my artistic vision and style with the aesthetic and energy of the musician…”

Please join us for the Artists’ Reception on Friday, March 24, 4:00-6:30 p.m., to enjoy the art and free refreshments.