Department of Art

Grace Eckert, Hannah Knight and Kayla Ramirez Senior Thesis Exhibitions

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to announce thesis exhibitions by three senior art majors: Grace Eckert, Graphic Design; Hannah Knight, Fiber Art/Photography; and Kayla Ramirez, Fiber Art. The exhibitions will be on display April 8-22, 2022.

Grace Eckert seeks to revolutionize the tattoo experience through INKD, a body of artwork that presents a modern tattoo studio. Inspired by personal experiences, INKD addresses issues of professionalism, gatekeeping, cleanliness, inclusivity, and education within the tattoo industry. By designing an environment that both answers to curiosity and welcomes fear, the artist offers an unconventional body of work intended to inform, educate, and connect with the viewer on and off the walls.  

Hannah Knight presents Dialogue of Self a series of fiber artworks and photography that explore her experiences, revealing the raw and uniquely inner dialogue of trauma, repression of memory, rebirth, and growth. The artist states, “This conversation conveys the struggle of feeling trapped within my own skin and mind as well as the process of recreation I have experienced throughout the healing of trauma. This display aims to explore my frustrations and intimately reveals parts of me that I have never shared-guiding me toward a new discovery of myself and others who have had similar experiences. Combining photography and fiber artwork, I hope to present a tender visual dialogue of the psyche.”

Kayla Ramirez presents The Intimacy of the Female Form, an installation of fiber artworks that explore and accept femininity in an intimate setting that reflects her own experiences and those of society. Her installation shows personal feminine growth through the relationship with her mother, the intimacy of female touch, and the female body. It highlights the weight the female body bears under society’s expectations. Her work seeks to create an experience that embraces the intimacy of being female.

Please join us for the Artists’ Reception on Friday, April 8, 4:00-6:30 p.m.