Department of Art

Christopher Hauk, Elliot Steinberg and Gabby Zaccaria-Johnson Exhibit Senior Thesis Artworks

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to announce thesis exhibitions by three senior art majors: Christopher Hauk, Drawing/Graphic Design; Elliot Steinberg, Graphic Design/Photography; and Gabby Zaccaria-Johnson, Graphic Design. The artwork will be displayed March 18-April 1, 2022.

Christopher Hauk presents Sprawled - a body of work exploring the juxtaposition of life within the confides of human creation and life in the wild. The artist’s works display a range of experiences found in both: urban metropolises and natural landscapes. The central element of his exhibition is a triptych composed of oil paintings three feet by nine feet. Alongside the triptych, the artist has created a series of smaller works that highlight intimate moments found within his two main themes. Through this body of work, Chris presents emotional depictions of indoor and outdoor life.

Wild Then, Wild Now is an installation by Elliot Steinberg which seeks to transport viewers into the untouched landscape of The Gates of The Arctic National Park. As vistors are guided through Elliot's display, these untouched landscapes bring people face to face with the Caribou, Arctic Terns, and Grizzley Bears that inhabit the Arctic. Viewers will experience the harsh reality of humanity's invasion of the natural world. This exhibition compares a "truly wild" environment like the Arctic, to the adapted landscape of Colorado. The artist hopes this exhibition will awaken viewers to the beauty of this planet, and the unfortunate impact humans have had and are having on it. 

Gabby Zaccaria-Johnson presents Il Sogno Americano, an installation featuring an illustrated book and two series of posters that exhibit Italian culture and tradition. The installation will present a living room with photographs of the Zaccaria family and symbols Italy. Through Il Sogno Americano, Gabby seeks to capture the Italian culture and generational traditions that have been passed down and seen through her eyes. 

Please join us for an Artists’ Reception on Friday, March 18, 4:00-6:30 to meet the artists and enjoy free refreshments.