Department of Art

Maggie Barth, Lauren Duell and Bridget Walsh Senior Thesis Exhibitions

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to announce thesis exhibitions by three Senior Art Majors: Maggie Barth; Graphic Design, Lauren Duell; Graphic Design, Bridget Walsh; Drawing. Their exhibitions will be on display February 19-March 12, 2021.

Maggie Barth presents Silver Lining, an installation using mirrors. Maggie’s thesis truly is a reflection of a journey of positive affirmations and positive thinking. The work includes affirmations to reprogram the subconscious to help stop self-sabotaging behaviors and negative thoughts. Each mirror contains different affirmations for specific topics that have led Maggie to health, acceptance, and happiness.

Lauren Duell presents The Beauty Shop, a makeup line in homage to the relationship she shares with her mother. As a child, Lauren remembers distinctly “playing something known as, “Beauty Shop” with her mother. This event consisted of piles of hair ties, bobby pins, clips, crayons, and makeup spilled out on the floor allowing Lauren to choose whatever she wanted to put on her mom.” The time spent with Lauren’s mother in these moments and the special bond formed inspired her thesis exhibition. Lauren’s thesis highlights the special mother daughter bond and creates a makeup brand that comments on the metaphor of how packaging structures in design can relate to this relationship.

Bridget Walsh presents Home: Blueprint of Self, a series of drawings reflecting on personal identity, immigration, and the idea of home. The drawings explore the idea of “home” as a place, as well as the idea of “home” as an idea or feeling. Each work represents Bridget’s personal experiences and learnings related to nature, setting, and physical encounters of home, as well as her personal attitudes toward the idea and feelings of home.