Department of Art

Emma Malinoski, Ashley Ohmer and Brooklynn Pierce Senior Thesis Exhibits

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to announce Thesis Exhibitions by three Senior Art Majors:  Emma Malinoski, Drawing/Printmaking/Graphic Design, Brooklynn Pierce, Graphic Design, and Ashley Ohmer, Fibers.  Their artwork will be displayed January 22-February 12, 2021.

Emma Malinoski presents Perception & Connection, an installation of cut paper, prints and drawings.  Emma’s thesis reflects on her experiences of the natural world’s balance and unity, while also attempting to deepen her understanding of her place in its web.  The work emphasizes the importance of personal connectivity, balance, and experience with the earth.  Each piece serves as a reflection of a harmonious moment or moments in time spent in nature, as well as a token of appreciation for the world that allows us to live within it and find ourselves.

Ashley Ohmer presents her collection, The Person Within The Persona. This collection of tapestry weavings and clothing serves as a documentation and exploration of the daily struggles with anxiety from the ever-present need for order, repetition, and pattern. Through this personal version of art therapy, the recipe for the work has become three parts order and chaos, two parts color, and one part you would never expect, little hidden gems amongst the methodical madness. It is quirky, colorful, and overall anxiously Ashley. 

Brooklynn Pierce presents her app, Spark. Spark is your guide to design thinking and mindfulness for your everyday life interactions. Be inspired to get creative and self-reflect by choosing from 6 guided card decks focusing on creative calisthenics and reflective questions. Spark focuses on creativity by asking questions that get the creative juices flowing but also asks questions to promote being more self-aware and centered. Get ready to spark creativity and spark community interaction.