Department of Art

Alice Roeding Solo BFA Art Exhibition

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to announce two Solo Exhibitions by Alumni Art Majors, Jensen Healey and Alice Roeding. Their art will be exhibited in the Xavier University Art Galleries, located in the A. B. Cohen Center, October 2-30, 2020.

REFLECTION: memories of the natural world - Alice Roeding presents an installation that honors the natural world through her personal memories and unique experiences with nature. The installation consists of 779 screen printed squares covering the walls and floor of the gallery space that each represent a snapshot of a time and place where she has connected with nature. Additionally, floor to ceiling reflective hanging drawings depict a small portion of locally endangered plants and animals that are threatened by climate change. The installation will challenge the viewer to consider the diversity that is presented and physically interact with the piece. In doing so, the viewer can reflect on their own memories with nature, their role in the environment, and see their active destruction of natural beauty. 

Roeding states - “As humanity begins to experience the catastrophic effects of climate change, we are forced to consider that the world as we know it may cease to be. Without strong action and increased global consciousness about the situation, destruction and war will ensue, forever altering the environment. If this fate is to play out, our preserved memories of nature may become our primary means of connecting to a world prior to this destruction.” 

Her installation desperately asks the viewer to discover their connections with the natural world, because through collective appreciation and personal investment in the environment, she believes we can take action to avoid a rapidly approaching destructive fate