Department of Art

Hannah Bailey, Hannah Deters, Anne Locker and Victoria Woodruff Senior Thesis Exhibitions

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present The Art of Connection by four Senior thesis students: Hannah Bailey, Graphic Design, Hannah Deters, Graphic Design, Anne Locker, Graphic Design, Victoria Woodruff, Printmaking.  The exhibitions will be open March 1-22, 2019. 

Hannah Bailey presents, The Potentials, which centers on engaging the audience by asking them to dig deeper into their own personalities. Bailey’s work is an experiential examination which highlights the growth and complexity of human personalities and how they may be misled and stunted by general personality descriptions. Regarding this art show, Bailey states, “I am just really excited to finally invite and bring other people into the building where I have spent the past four years making art; day and night. It will be really fun to bring people into this new space that I have completely designed myself.” 

Hannah Deters presents Common Ground – a coffee house called Independence Common Ground. Hannah explores the way in which product design not only promotes business, but facilitates how consumers interact with and perceive one another. She is interested in the preservation of small-town tradition, the celebration of regional identity, and cultivating a feeling of belonging through personal product design and engaging marketing materials. She makes the setting of her show a simulated coffee house. The circulation of ideas and topical discourse have happened in places like saloons and coffee shops throughout time.

Anne Locker presents The Season – a fictional college ministry. In this exhibit, Locker is reaching to draw the outside world into her perspective of the Christian church. Locker believes that in the 21st century, Christian churches are evolving, and they are leaning into creativity. This means throwing tradition out the window, and reaching audiences in a new and exciting way that relies heavily on visual design.

Victoria Woodruff presents Traumatic Tangibility – a series of prints that focus on responses to traumatic incidences that happened during childhood and young adulthood. Through expressionistic usage of the female form, Tori touches on her own childhood experiences by focusing on the connection between humanity and trauma. She utilized the printmaking process known as monotyping—plexiglass that is inked then transferred to paper. Her show will be split into two parts: a series of works that focus on the emotions involved with trauma, alongside portraits of women in halos—an active claim pervading trauma in innocence, but also a recognition that traumatic incidences have always occurred; even during the time of Christ. Her hope is to bring forth a message about the universality of traumatic incidents and acknowledge the pain and suffering that childhood trauma may produce as one makes their way to adulthood.