Department of Art

Flyover Country September 29-October 27, 2018

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present Flyover Country part of The FotoFocus 2018 Biennial. This juried exhibition of photographs by local artists illuminates America’s interior regions, an often-overlooked bastion of cultural, social, political, and economic vitality. Air travelers flying coast to coast at 30,000 feet are often oblivious to the diverse, unsung populations of urban areas, small towns, and villages they are passing over. In many ways, the daily lives of people in these flyover regions are not so different from those in large coastal cities but there are many opportunities to capture scenes not found on either coast.

Flyover Country is curated by Local Eyes, a group of five Cincinnati photographers: Helen Adams, Jymi Bolden, Melvin Grier, Samantha Grier, and Ann Segal.

Featured Artists: Erika NJ Allen, Tad Barney, Lisa Britton, Michael Caporale, Chris Cone, Bruce Crippen, Robert A. Flischel, Maureen France, Tim Freeman, Tina Gutierrez, Ron Hoffman, Todd Joyce, Michael Kearns, Michael E. Keating, Guennadi Maslov, Mary Nemeth, Brenda Pottinger, Larry Pytlinski, Jesse Roos, Gregory Rust, J. Michael Skaggs, Brad Smith, Matt Steffen, Jerry Stratton, David Thomson, Bryn Weller, J. Miles Wolf.

Please join us for the artists’ reception on Saturday, September 29, 2:00-4:00 to meet the artists, enjoy the art and complimentary refreshments.