Department of Art

Taylor Healey, Sonny Landis, Colleen Lane, Henry Puckett Art Exhibitions

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present thesis exhibitions by four senior art majors: Taylor Healey, D. Sonny Landis, Colleen Lane, and Henry Puckett – opening April 13 through 20, 2018.

Taylor Healey, focusing in graphic design and sculpture, presents Ex Nihilo. He has designed and manufactured a culturally inspired line of jewelry entitled “Ex Nihilo,” a Latin phrase meaning of nothing. His ultra-modern designs welded with an ancient jewelry making process create a one of a kind line of jewelry inspired by everyday working people around the world.

Sonny Landis presents Divide and Conquer, a social commentary on Americans during the “Trump Era.” Multiple photo collages containing digital, illustrated, and found works will encapsulate the chaotic nature of American society since The Donald began to be the center of attention. The division between heroes and villains in our society will be blurred, mostly by very real things that hundreds of thousands of people have been thinking and saying publicly. DISCLAIMER: Graphic content warning!

Colleen Lane presents Feeding US - a ceramic and photography installation focusing on the economic divide created by the food industry and the intimacy lost during mealtime. This phenomenon has occurred due to societies’ obsession with technology and the shift from eating a family dinner together at home to grabbing a bite in a restaurant. The show’s focus is to highlight societal flaws that are rarely discussed and bring little known statistics to the table. The installation features two tables set with ceramic dinnerware that depicts the variation in economic status in the US, as well as photography that illustrates intimate moments that occur can over a dinner table.

Henry Puckett presents Hendrick Sans - an exercise in exploring how typography and music are separate but interestingly linked forms of expressive communication. By creating a typeface that embodies the characteristics of sound in music he created a tool in the form of visual letters much like that of what a musical instrument does for sound. This typeface is represented through an animated video and a series of posters, in which volunteers share their personal connection to music.

Please join us for the Artists’ Reception on Friday, April 13, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Enjoy the art and free light refreshments.