Department of Art

Amanda Ellsworth and Kaitlin Gray Senior Thesis Exhibitions

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present the thesis exhibitions of two senior art majors:  Amanda Ellsworth – Fibers/Sculpture and Kaitlin Gray – Printmaking, December 8-15, 2017.

Amanda Ellsworth presents, Under the Cloak – a mixed-media installation of fibers and sculpture.

Ms. Ellsworth states: “Graduating with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology, I am aspiring to be an art therapist. I am particularly interested in connecting art with abnormal/developmental psychology and eventually working in a clinical setting. My idea arose this past year when I was diagnosed with manic-depression. As I’ve worked to get myself on the right path, I have found that something that encourages me to push on is interacting with people who understand, or try very hard to understand, what goes on inside my head. Through fibers, sculpture, and multimedia art I hope my show presents the message that people with bipolar are not defined by their illness, but instead it is a very real obstacle that we have to manage our whole lives - and other people need to be aware of the realities of mental illness.”

Kaitlin Gray presents, Women Omitted – a series of posters that highlight the accomplishments of under-represented women. Ms. Gray combines their portrait with an object of their contribution to encourage others to broaden their perspectives on history. She aspires to commemorate and recognize these women from various backgrounds in hopes that young women will be inspired to make their own contributions. By helping others to view history from this perspective, the artist hopes to inform the public about the amazing accomplishments women do every day that may go unnoticed, but still have a tremendous impact on our life, society, and the world.