Department of Art

Shannon Price presents "Moments" Solo Senior Thesis Art Exhibition

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present a solo exhibition by Senior art major Shannon Price, April 7-21, 2017. Ms. Price presents Moments, a multimedia exhibition inspired by moments in her life and art history influences.

Ms. Price describes her body of art as follows: “In Moments, I explore the sign-posts that define my life, delving into the aspects of those sign-posts, those moments, that I deem universal. The people and places depicted are those that define me, and in my work lies the assertion that we are all defined by our people, places, and memories—by our moments. The combination of painting, printmaking, and multimedia work displayed reflects my passion for art history. I believe that if we could peel back not just the paint, but the ideas and the study behind master works, we would see book pages, intellectual and philosophical debates that art gives physical form. Each piece in Moments represents a moment that looms large in my memory, a person, place, or object that has imprinted enough of itself in me to shape my actions and beliefs. In sharing my moments with you, I hope to highlight your own, and to contribute in some way to the moments that follow.”

Please join us for the artist’s reception on Friday, April 7, 6:00-8:00 p.m.