Department of Art

Natalie Braun, Anne Donahue, Michaela Fettig and Lydia Reagan Thesis Exhibitions

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present thesis exhibitions by three Senior Art Majors: Natalie Braun-Illustration/Sculpture, Anne Donahue-Graphic Design, Michaela Fettig-Graphic Design, and Lydia Reagan-Graphic Design/Printmaking, beginning March 17, 2017.

Natalie Braun will present Exhibit Being, an installation of mixed media sculptures and illustrations displaying the four different states of being: body, mind, soul and spirit. The artists’ visualization of the four different perceptions of consciousness encourages viewers to become mentally, emotionally and physically awakened through an interactive and introspective experience.

Anne Donahue presents Outside More, a personal collection of natural artifacts, labeled by unique mandala designs. The audience is encouraged to closely examine each of the jars and labels and reflect on both the artists’ experience in nature, as well as their own. The exhibit is meant to encourage those who view it to find their appreciation for fresh air, become familiar with their natural surroundings and be outside more.

Michaela Fettig presents Synesthesia, an installation offering a look at the little-known neurological phenomenon of crossed senses, which affects nearly 4% of the population. As a synesthete herself, her work focuses on several of the more common forms of synesthesia that she personally experiences. The exhibition invites viewers to experience and explore the world of synesthesia through various media, including photography and illustration.

Lydia Reagan presents [un]Natural Selection, an exploration of lesser known animal and plant species that are currently endangered due to poaching and climate change. Utilizing the printmaking methods of screenprint and linocut in collaboration with graphic design, this exhibition will feature infographics, posters, and a book about the organisms suffering from unnatural selection, highlighting how human intervention is affecting the lives of species and the environment.

Please join us for the Artists’ Reception on Friday, March 17, 6:00-8:00 p.m., meet the artists, and enjoy free refreshments.