Department of Art

Anastasia Nurre, PhD

Adjunct Faculty, Art Department

Anastasia Nurre is a specialist in Northern Renaissance and Baroque art with a particular interest in the role of religion, politics, social mobility, and identity in Early Modern art as well as the ways in which paintings are displayed. Her most recent research studied the appearance and arrangement of epitaph paintings by Lucas Cranach the Younger in mid-sixteenth century Lutheran churches as a means to promote and reinforce confessional identity. Additional research interests include American art, women in Early Modern art, and shifts in formal language due to cultural interaction. Anastasia has also been active in promoting art education, art appreciation, and support for the arts through her work with local museums, non-profits, and civic institutions.


Art History

First Year at Xavier



  • PhD, Art History (Ohio State University)
  • M.A., Art History (University of Cincinnati)
  • B.A., Anthropology (University of Cincinnati)