Alternative Breaks

Faculty/Staff Information


Come back soon to apply to be an Alternative Breaks Learning Partner!

As a faculty/staff member on an Alternative Breaks trip you will:

  1. Establish a trusting, well-informed, collaborative relationship with a pair of student site leaders. We value the unique knowledge, advice, and experience you bring to our program and believe it a necessary part of empowering the student leaders.
  2. Play an important role in the education process along with student site leaders, participants, and the host site.
  3. Attend regular meetings with the site leader pair and the whole group in order to keep communication lines open and maintain group dynamics prior to the actual trip.
    • We recommend a minimum of two meetings before winter break and three after (at a minimum).
    • Meetings for trips begin meeting regularly Mid-October.
  4. Share legal and emergency responsibility with the site leaders
    • You will need to familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and legality issues associated with your specific trip destination provided by Xavier University and Alternative Breaks. An emergency training session will be provided for Site Leaders and Faculty/Staff members in the spring semester.
    • We are required by the University to have a faculty/staff member on our new trips or trips with more than 12 students.

Time permitting you can also get involved with other AB activities including:

  • Fundraising activities
  • Large/Small Group Service
  • Spring Break and Summer Break Kick Off Parties
  • Post Break Trip Fair and Slide Show

***In gratitude for your commitment to Alternative Breaks, there is no participation fee for Learning Partners and your time away counts as regular time worked, not vacation time.***

Much of the planning and organization for each trip is done by a pair of student site leaders. Since you will be working closely with the pair, it is important that you are informed of their roles as well as your own. The following are site leader responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly meeting with a Site Leader Coordinator (Member of the AB Board)
  • Plan and lead weekly group meetings starting in November (spring trips) and January (summer trips).
  • Plan and lead reflections with co-Site Leader
  • Plan and lead education activities both before and after break
  • Collaborate with a Faculty/Staff member
  • Maintain relationship with site contact
  • Collect payments and forms from participants
  • Participate in Fundraising events
  • Keep group on schedule while on break
  • Keep track of group funds and travel expenses
  • Participate in Board/Site Leader and large group service days
  • Handle emergency situations