Alternative Breaks


  1. How much does it cost to go on an AB trip?
    • The personal cost for each participant depends on which type of trip you are on. There are categories of trips: A, B, and C . A trips cost $250. B trips cost $325. C trips cost $400. The payments are made in installments over the first semester to be more manageable for students and financial aid is available. In addition to these fees (which do not cover the full cost of the trips) each group has a unique fundraising goal.
  2. Where does the rest of the funding come from?
    • XUAB does receive funding from Xavier through the SGA, but the majority of funding come from participant fundraising through various activities over the year.
  3. When do I find out where I will be going?
    • You will be notified which trip you will be on by your site leaders when they contact you after the participant selection is complete. Participants for the 2022-2023 Alternative Breaks trips will be notified on a date to be announced.
  4. What happens if I do not get selected?
    • Because there are only a set number of trips each year, unfortunately we cannot accept everyone who applies no matter how much we may want to. If you are not selected you will be placed on the Alternate Alternative Breaker list and if someone on any of the trips drops off a trip a person from the alternate list will be notified and placed on that trip.
  5. Who makes the participant selection and how do they decide who is selected?
    • Participants are selected by the Board after reading all of the applications. Each application is read by two board members and evaluated based on the strength of the essays that are on the application.
  6. Can I be a site leader?
    • We encourage all people who have to desire to be a site leader to apply. There are no set qualifications that are required. You are NOT required to have gone on a trip to be a site leader. 
  7. If I am not selected as a site leader or an alternate site leader, do I have to re-apply as a participant?
    • If you are not selected as a site leader or a site leader alternate your application will be submitted with the participant pool.
  8. Who is in charge of AB at Xavier?
    • AB is completely run by students with a faculty advisor. There are 12 student board members who manage all funds, schedule and plan all trips and handle all selection of participants, site leaders and future board members.
  9. Is there an Alcohol and Drug Policy?
    • Yes. All participants, site leaders, faculty and board members are not allowed to consume, purchase, be under the influence of or possess any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs at any AB sanctioned events. Failure to follow this rule will result in removal from AB trip. If violation occurs while on the AB trip, that person will be financially responsible for returning home and will not be allowed to finish the trip. Violators are also subject to further action from AB board and Xavier University.



  1. What if I have to quarantine or test positive before my experience?
    • If you have to quarantine or you test positive before your experience, you will unfortunately not be able to go on your experience. However, you will see be invited to join the virtual components of your experience. 
  2. What will fundraising look like? 
    • General fundraisers such as Currito, Chipotle, and group fundraisers will still take place throughout the year. Any group fundraiser must comply with CDC guidelines and abide by OSI regulations. Adopt-a-Breakers will be completed closer to the experience instead of in the fall.