Alternative Breaks

Board Position Descriptions

Alternative Breaks doesn't just happen. We need a committed and active Board to lead this organization through a successful year of service, education, and reflection. Board members aid in the selection and development of sites for spring and fall trips, select and train site leaders and participants, and plan and participate in fundraisers and other Alternative Breaks events. This is an internship-like leadership experience that takes a good deal of time and effort, but offers infinite learning and an incredible pay off when the experiences of AB come together.

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Position descriptions are subject to change and do not include all responsibilities of each board member. Other duties may be assigned throughout the year.

Site Coordinators (8) Site Coordinators plan 3-4 trips (securing housing, partner organizations for service and education, payments for these elements, etc.) and serve as liaisons from the Board to Site Leaders. Site Coordinators meet weekly with 6-8 Site Leaders to share relevant logistical information and facilitate leadership development in their peers. Responsibilities of ALL Site Coordinators are as follows:

  • Plan 3-4 trips and work with 6-8 site leaders
  • Research possible new and high quality sites and issues during the summer
  • Assist in interviewing, selecting, and pairing site leaders
  • Communicate with Site Leaders
    • Hold weekly meetings with Site Leaders
    • Share AB policies, expectations, and components as well as trip logistics and schedule
    • Ensure that Site Leaders communicate with sites, meet deadlines, and communicate necessary information to groups
    • Train site leaders in small group facilitation
  • Keep records for all AB trips assigned to you

In addition to the overall Site Coordinator responsibilities, each Site Coordinator is responsible for one of these roles:

Leadership Development Site Coordinator (1) The Retreat SC takes the lead planning, delegating tasks, and running the overnight Site Leader Retreat as well as the Participant and Site Leader Days-Away. If you are passionate about getting ALL AB-ers to know and love our mission, this might be a fit for you!


  • Coordination of the overnight Site Leader Retreat in October including reservations, planning the program and training
  • Coordination of Site Leader training provided by BreakAway on campus in January including reserving the venue and planning the program
  • Commitment to strengthening and deepening the leadership within the program - strong Site Leaders are the backbone of a strong AB program!

Local Community Engagement Site Coordinator (1) The Local Community Engagement SC focuses on implementing more resources and opportunities for pre- and post-trip community engagement, encouraging groups to continue meeting after the spring trips, collaborating with other campus clubs/organizations and hosting events for Reorientation, including the annual Reorientation Banquet. If you love thinking about integrating AB into your daily life and the community around you, and how to make AB a year-long process that doesn't stop when the trip ends, this could be for you!


  • Maintain and update a site bank of service sites around Cincinnati to be used for community engagement
  • Work with each Site Coordinator to create a pre- and post-trip engagement plan for each trip

Education and Reflection Site Coordinator (1) The Education and Reflection SC is responsible for working with other Site Coordinators to craft thoughtful and current reflection and education plans for all trips, and brings the importance of reflection and education to large group events. If you care about diving deep into justice issues and love to think creatively about how to share important information this could be the position for you!


  • Work closely with Site Coordinators to create reflection and education plans for all trips
  • Work closely with the Leadership Development SC to build understanding of the importance of reflection and education in meetings and throughout the trip through specific training on Site Leader retreats and weekly SC Meeting agendas

Travel Site Coordinators (2) The Travel SCs make sure everyone gets where they need to be - booking rental vans and working with our travel agency to book flights. These two also organize group departures from and arrivals to Xavier. If you have strong organizational skills and enjoy interacting professionally with XUAB partners and solving logic puzzles this could be where you belong!


  • Make and monitor all flight reservations for all trips including as participants drop and add
  • Arrange local van rentals, airport van rentals, logistics, and the departure and arrival schedules for all trips

Risk Management Site Coordinators (2) The Risk Management SCs keep everyone safe and make sure AB is in line with Xavier's policies - ensuring AB's ongoing and future success. These two prepare and collect waivers and appropriate forms from all participants, and work with many offices on Xavier's campus including Risk Management, XU Police, and the Center for International Education. If you are highly organized and enjoy learning the ins-and-outs of Xavier this is a great option for you.


  • Gather the appropriate forms for Site Leader Retreat in October and Board Retreat in August/September
  • Create, disperse, collect, and organize the appropriate Medical and Assumption of Risk forms for participants and leaders 
  • Meet with Risk Management to plan and coordinate van training, insurance, and waiver process
  • Work with Center for International Education and the Education Abroad Advisory Committee to meet requirements for AB's international trips

Assessment and Innovation Fall Site Coordinator (1)  The Assessment and Innovation SC is a part of AB Board from January-November to plan fall trips and focuses on understanding and improving the learning and transformation that can happen through the AB experience. If you love listening to people's experiences, and have a special place in your heart for Fall AB, this could be a great fit for you! *Note: You CAN apply for this position if you are off campus for the Fall 2019 semester, but must be a full-time student Spring 2020 and Fall 2020.


  • Plan 3-4 trips throughout Spring semester and the summer prior to fall break 
  • Analyze results from evaluation and assessment of spring trips

Internal Controls makes sure that AB continues its long legacy of successful student leadership. IC is responsible for managing the organization responsibly and sustainably, and creating a sense of an Alternative Breaks community on Xavier's campus. IC meets bi-weekly outside of board meetings, usually for less than an hour.

Fundraising Chair (1) The Fundraising Chair is responsible for managing AB's fundraising for the year: facilitating the Adopt-a-Breaker process, working with local businesses, and tracking fundraising and points goals of individual trips. AB fundraises over 60% of our budget in order to ensure that this program is affordable and accessible to all students. If you like working with numbers and can enjoy some time in excel, this could be a great place for you.


  • Brainstorm, research, and provide large and small group fundraising opportunities for Alternative Breaks to reach estimated budget
  • Maintain the Adopt-A-Breaker and Alumni Adopt-a-Breaker program
  • Track fundraising rewards point system

Financial Chair (1) The Financial Chair co-creates AB's Budget (with the Chair) and manages AB spending and income throughout the year. This chair works with XU's controller to assure AB's bills are paid, tracks participant payments, and co-creates individual trip budgets with each SC. If you are ready to put your finance skills to work in the real world - and really enjoy excel - this could be the position for you!


  • Create and update AB budget (with Chair and Advisor)
  • Maintain financial records for all Alternative Breaks trips including the master budget
  • Complete all check requests, travel advances, reimbursements, and other necessary paperwork
  • Receive and document all Alternative Breaks personal payments from participants including overdue and special circumstances
  • Communicate and update Board on financial procedures and policies, participant payment status, and payment dates

Membership Chair (1)

The Membership Chair organizes and facilitates the Site Leader and Participant application processes and manages the placement of alternates throughout the year. Additionally, the Membership Chair helps run the evaluation and internal processes and maintains AB's social media presence throughout the year. If you are passionate about thinking about the big picture of all AB participants - where we are and where we could be better - membership might be your place!


  • Publicize Board, Site Leader, and Participant application process
  • Update, publish and manage online Participant Applications and participant placement
  • Work with Special Events and other board members to help create a sense of an Alternative Breaks community on Xavier's campus

Special Events Chair (1) The Special Events Chair facilitates the planning of the many AB events for Board, Site Leaders, and Participants including Kick-Off and Send-Off events, Week of Welcome and Club Day, and Board's dinner with Fr. Graham. If you love planning a day from start to finish, engaging new ABers, seeking (food!) donations, and can bring excitement to groups of up to 200 people this might be the best fit for you!


  • Organize Fall and Spring Break Kick-Off and Send-Off Events
  • Plan and organize staffing of Fall and Winter Week of Welcome and Club Day tabling, and other tabling throughout the year
  • Plan and Organize "Alternative Breaks Week" in February (usually 2-3 weeks before spring break)