Accessibility and Disability Resources

ABSN Accommodations


To receive your accommodations, you must log into AIM each term to notify your faculty of the accommodations you are eligible to receive.

AIM is the information management system used to notify faculty of accommodations for a given term.

Taking a Course Out of Progression

If you are taking a course out of progression due to withdrawal or failure, you need to resubmit the Accommodation Letter to reflect the current term.

Requesting Accommodations

This process is for students who have registered with the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources and have been approved for accommodations. If you are not approved and need accommodations, please refer to our Process for Requesting Accommodations.

Instructions for requesting accommodations in AIM

Exam Accommodations

ABSN administration adjusts the time in the various exam platforms to reflect the additional time accommodation indicated on your Accommodation Letter. You will not need to schedule exams through Accessibility and Disability Resources.


The time allotted for exams and quizzes will be calculated based on 1.5 minutes per question.


For a 20 question exam or quiz, the time allotted for the class will be 30 minutes.

Accommodated time of time and a half (50% or 1.5) will be 45 minutes.

Accommodated time of double time (100% or 2.0) will be 60 minutes.