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The Division of Student Affairs is committed to student success!

We care for and educate the whole person by offering opportunities for students in:





"My extracurriculars have taught me how to become a better person for and with others, as well as giving me the experiences I needed to become a more well-rounded person.  I have been able to enhance my leadership abilities and open my eyes to the surrounding world through my experiences."

Thomas Edney, Class of 2015


"Through my four years at Xavier my experience with extracurriculars has been a blessing because it allowed me to grow [into] who I am today.  Being involved enriched me and prepared me to become a leader in the real world.  Thank you Xavier for the extracurriculars, you have provided me great opportunities."

Nancy Martinez, Class of 2014



"With my extracurricular experiences, Xavier became more than a school--it was my home.  While I grew professionally, those experiences let me meet my best friends and get to know my true self."

Drew Dziedzic, Class of 2015


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