The Division of Student Affairs, as members of an integrated learning community, is committed to student success as we care for and engage in the education of the whole person.


"My extracurricular activities have helped me to grow as a more proactive leader and to view every person I encounter as a potential resource in helping me to reach my goals."

Darnell Miller, Class of 2014


"If I had to sum up my experience outside the classroom in one word, it would be 'valuable.' Sure education is why we came, but an experience is what we get. My personal growth, accomplishment and pride all stem from extracurricular roots."

Brock McMorran, Class of 2013


"Xavier has enhanced my abilities to become involved. I strongly encourage all my fellow students to take advantage of what Xavier has to offer outside of the classroom. There is something for each and every person to grow with."

Desmond Dodd, Class of 2013