Student Wellness Advocacy Group

Who are the Peer Educators (PEs)?

The Student Wellness Advocacy Group is the Xavier University Chapter of BACCHUS, a national student organization that focuses on college health and safety issues. Peer Educators (PE) create dialogue among fellow students that will positively impact attitudes and behavior, as well as engage students in meaningful opportunities to create a healthy campus community that supports student success. 

SWAG PEs develop and facilitate prevention education programming on the critical wellness issues of general wellness, mental health, healthy relationships, and alcohol and/or drug use using a bystander engagement model.

Bacchus Network 4 Major Concepts of a Peer Education Group:

  1. Peer educators make healthier decisions than the general student population.
  2. Peer educators are effective in helping others make healthier choices by providing information, challenging misperceptions, confronting unhealthy behavior, and referring students to professional help.
  3. Peer educators, because of their own healthy choices and willingness to talk about and role model them with others; help create positive social norms and the foundation of critical mass supporting health campus environments.
  4. Peer education is student leadership, activism, and service at its best. Putting the health and safety of others and the community on an equal value with personal health and safety is the level that we hope all of our students achieve.

How do I contact a Peer Educator?

If you have any questions regarding programs or requests please contact the SWAG Peer Educators: 

How do I become a Peer Educator?

Our team is currently complete for the 2020-2021 academic year. Hiring for the 2021-2022 academic year will take place in the Spring 2021 semester through the Xavier OneApp.

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SWAG is generously funded through the Women of Excellence grant