The Store

Welcome to the Store-Where Musketeers Take Care of Each Other.

What We Are

The Store is Xavier's student-run food pantry, located in the Village yard and managed by Care Management Services. Even though we call ourselves "The Store" everything we offer is free of charge. The Store is open daily from 8:00am - 11:00pm to all students by swiping with their Xavier One Pass at the entrance door. Accessing The Store is completely confidential. 

Can’t make it to The Store? There are 3 Satellite Stores on campus, providing essentials to students across different campus offices:

    • Student Success Center (CLC 530)
    • Commuter Lounge (GSC 320)
    • Center of Diversity and Inclusion (GSC 205)

Take a Quick Tour of The Store

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How We Work

The Store is stocked with food (fresh, frozen, non-perishable), hygiene, and household products. The Store is available to all students whether you live on campus or off campus. Xavier students can access it by swiping in with their Xavier One Pass. Our Basic Needs Graduate Assistant is available during office hours to greet you and walk you through the intake process. Once you sign in, grab a bag and shop to your desired needs.

Why We're Here

Even in an environment as comfortable and accommodating as our campus, there still exists real needs. It could be as simple as a sudden financial issue, or having to choose between buying books, paying rent and tuition, or purchasing food.

A recent national survey by the College and University Food Bank Alliance, revealed that nearly half of its student population matched the national rate of 48 percent of respondents who experienced food insecurity.

Since 2016, Dr. Kandi Stinson,  has researched food insecurity to assess the prevalence among Xavier undergraduate students living off-campus or in on-campus apartments through her Sociology course. The research utilizes the USDA’s food insecurity scale and definition, “a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life”. A 2016 Xavier campus survey found that among 898 students who completed the survey, 23% were food insecure, including nearly 11% who were experiencing hunger. In 2022, the campus survey found that among 349 students who completed the survey, 29% were food insecure. 41% of the students identified as first-generation. 50% of the students identified as a student of color.

How You Can Help Us

The Store is sustained through the generosity of donations and the support of volunteers.

You can also purchase items off The Store's Amazon wishlist that ship directly to The Store. The shipping address is 3800 Victory Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45207

Please email us at on the following ways to get involved or give:

  • Interest in hosting a donation drive in which the proceeds or products go to The Store
  • Make an appointment to drop off items
  • Volunteer
Food security is everyone’s responsibility! Are you a faculty member interested in engaging students in building awareness and reducing basic needs insecurity? The Store is available for collaborative opportunities: service projects, class presentations, and class projects to create sustainable, equitable practices to meet the needs of all Xavier students. Email to connect with the Assistant Director on ideas to engage your class.



Become a Store Ambassador!

The Store Student Ambassador Program brings together students who are excited about helping their peers and serving their community. Ambassadors are integral members of The Store, helping with everything from day to day operations to the implementation of large-scale projects. This program is designed to be an enriching opportunity for students who are excited about fighting food insecurity and want a structured way to engage on and off campus. 

As a Store Ambassador, you will apply for a role out of 3 options: general volunteer, outreach, and logistics. Each role has different required tasks, including helping at the pantry, coordinating drives, sorting orders, and more. 

If interested in volunteering with the pantry, request to Volunteer with the Pantry on EngageXU.