The Store

Welcome to the Store-Where Musketeers Take Care of Each Other.

What We Are

The Store is Xavier's student-run food pantry, located in the Village yard and managed by Care Management Services. Even though we call ourselves "The Store" everything we offer is free of charge. The Store is open daily from 8:00am - 11:00pm to all students by swiping with their Xavier All Card at the entrance door. Accessing The Store is completely confidential. 

How We Work

The Store is stocked with pantry stables such as canned goods-beans, vegetables, meat, pastas, fruit and more. Other basic items include peanut butter, grains, cereals, healthy snacks, and oils. Basic personal items, like soap, shampoo, paper towels, household goods, etc. are also available.

Why We're Here

Even in an environment as comfortable and accommodating as our campus, there still exists real needs. It could be as simple as a sudden financial issue, or having to choose between buying books, paying rent and tuition, or purchasing food.

A recent national survey by the College and University Food Bank Alliance, revealed that nearly half of its student population matched the national rate of 48 percent of respondents who experienced food insecurity.

A 2016 Xavier campus survey found that among 898 students who completed the survey, 23% were food insecure, including nearly 11% who were experiencing hunger. Food insecurity is an issue that is impacting nearly every city and campus in America.

How You Can Help Us

The Store would not be able to operate without donations and volunteers. Please email us at to volunteer your service or make an appointment to drop off items. You can also purchase items off The Store's Amazon wishlist that ship directly to The Store.

How We Can Help You

Please email us at for access needs and to answer any questions.