Communication Arts

Communication arts is the study of human communication in a highly technological society. This discipline features three majors and six minors.

  • Advertising: This program offers a comprehensive study of advertising, including the principles of advertising, creative concepts, media planning, research, and management.
  • Communication Studies: Communication studies students have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to promote effective communication processes within public and private organizations. The program emphasizes both written and oral communication, and students are encouraged to prepare themselves for a broad range of employment possibilities in areas such as sales, event planning, human resources, corporate communications, promotions, marketing communications, industrial relations, training, and management.
  • Public Relations: The public relations major combines comprehensive theory and specific practical skills, in the context of a humanistic liberal education, to prepare students for public relations careers in the corporate, private nonprofit and public sectors; or for a broad range of other careers that benefit from careful thinking and clear communication.

By providing students with a theoretical and practical preparation for a wide range of careers, Xavier's communication arts program develops professionals who possess not only the appropriate technical skills, but more importantly the informed judgment and moral confidence that a liberal arts education can provide. The communication arts program prepares students for professional work in the communications industry and in other business and non-profit settings. This education relies upon experiences both in and out of the classroom.

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