Writing Center

Summer 2021 Update:  The Writing Center is closed during the summer; however, in collaboration with the Office of Academic Support, we have arranged for an experienced WC tutor to be available through that office for the summer months. All requests for summer writing assistance should be made through that office at oas@xavier.edu. If you are faculty who would like to discuss WC services for your class(es) in the Fall, please contact Director Rebecca Todd at toddr@xavier.edu. Be safe and well, and have a great summer!

What is the writing center?

The James A. Glenn Writing Center provides free tutoring services to all members of the Xavier community — undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty. 

How can I make an appointment?

Tutoring appointments are scheduled in one-hour time slots and  can be reserved by calling (513) 745-2875, visiting our office, or emailing writingcenter@xavier.edu with your preferred times. 

We recommend that appointments for tutorial assistance (either in person or distance learning) be made in advance, although walk-in appointments are possible if a tutor is available. No appointment is required to use the Center's computer lab.

The Writing Center is located in the Conaton Learning Commons (CLC) Room 400.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - 9:00 am--8:00 pm 
Tuesday - 9:30 am--8:30 pm
Wednesday - 9:00 am--8:00 pm                 
Thursday - 9:30 am--8:30 pm
Friday - 9:00 am--3:00 pm

Saturday - Closed
Sunday - 1:00 pm--9:00 pm

How could a tutoring session benefit me?

The tutors in the center can help at any stage of the writing process: understanding an assignment, generating ideas, drafting, organizing, revising, editing (addressing sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation concerns), and documenting sources. Writers can also receive assistance in refining cover letters and resumes, and other such non-class-related writing projects.

The mission of the Writing Center is to support writers in their efforts to become better writers. The Writing Center thus does not provide superficial copy-editing or proofreading services, where a writer drops off an essay for us to 'fix' before the writer picks it up again. Tutors will, however, do something better: they'll sit down with writers, assisting them in learning how to identify their own particular writing strengths and weaknesses and to develop or improve their self-editing strategies. As experienced writers know, discussing a writing project and getting informed feedback helps all writers to clarify their ideas and to express them more effectively.

Want to learn more? Follow the Writing Center on Twitter: @XUWritingCenter

Need Additional Help?

The following centers on campus offer additional assistance to students who are engaged in specific writing tasks or have particular needs regarding reading and writing:

  • Career Services: The Center for Career and Leadership Development provides assistance to students seeking employment upon graduation. 
  • Office of Academic Support: Located on the fifth floor of the Conaton Learning Commons, the Office of Academic Support provides services for students with disabilities, peer tutoring free of charge for a variety of different subject areas, and peer advising in the residence halls.