Writing Center

Faculty Referral Form

Download the Faculty Referral Form

Faculty are invited to use this form to refer students to the Writing Center for assistance. Due to the nature of PDFs, there are some best practices to follow when using this form.

There are two main options:

Print the PDF for the student to bring to the Writing Center

For this option, simply fill in the document, either electronically in your browser or print the document and write in the information, then give the student a hard copy of the form to bring with them to the Writing Center.

Email the PDF to the Writing Center

This option can vary by browser due to inconsistent handling of PDF documents. The most important thing is not to fill in the document in your browser and try to save it, as this will only save the original (blank) document. Please use one of the following methods below instead:

  1. You can download the document to your local computer, open it in Adobe or Preview reader, fill in the contents, save, and then send to the WC as an attachment;
  2. OR, you may be able to fill in the fields in your browser, select the option to print it, and then save it as a PDF from there;
  3. OR, you may be able to fill in the fields in your browser, take a screenshot of it, and then save it as an image file (e.g., .JPEG) to email to the Writing Center.

If your computer does not support editing the PDF in any capacity, you may also print the form, write in the information, then send an image of the form to the Writing Center's email.



If you encounter any questions or difficulties while filling out the Faculty Referral Form, please email or call the Writing Center for assistance!