Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees Policies

Tuition rates are assessed to a student based on the student's primary matriculation as a graduate or undergraduate student as determined by the academic policies of the University. Students taking courses for audit purposes are charged regular tuition rates.

Undergraduate Tuition Charging/Crediting Policy for Full/Part-Time Students

Any student registered and charged at the 1-6 credit-hour rate who adds more hours will have overall tuition recalculated at the 7-11 credit-hour rate or full-time rate depending on the number of additional hours added. This does not apply to students who are enrolled in the Accelerated Degree Completion Program (ADC) through the Adult and Professional Education at Xavier Office (APEX).

Any student registered and charged at the 7-11 credit-hour rate who withdraws during or after the published schedule adjustment period (usually the first seven calendar days of the semester) will receive a tuition credit for the withdrawn hours based on the published refund schedule. The student's overall tuition will be recalculated based on the remaining number of liable billing hours.

Undergraduate students are considered full-time if they are enrolled in 12 or more credit hours. Tuition is charged at a flat rate for students who are enrolled in 12 to 18 credit hours. There is an additional tuition charge for each credit hour above 18.

If a student completely drops all of their credit hours during the semester, after the first 7 calendar days of the semester, tuition credit is not calculated by taking a straight percentage off of the amount of tuition that was charged. Instead, tuition credits (not to be confused with credit hours) are calculated by Liable Billing Hours. View Examples of Tuition Charging/Crediting

Fee Payment

The Office of the Bursar is responsible for the assessment and collection of tuition and fees payable to Xavier University. Inquiries should be directed to the Office of the Bursar, Xavier University, 3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-3361. You may contact us at 513-745-3435, by email at  or through our website at

Office Hours, all semesters

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Hours are subject to change.

For further details, consult your   online catalog or current schedule of classes online.


All information about tuition and fees can be found at To make payments online using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or an electronic check, you must log in via the   Student Hub. For more information, view our   Frequently Asked Questions. There is a convenience fee for all credit card transactions. Credit card payments are only accepted online. There is no fee for paying by electronic check.

Payment Options

All prior financial obligations to the University must be paid in full before registration is permitted for any new semester or session. If payment or other arrangement is not made by the announced deadline, the Bursar has the option of canceling the student's registration.

All student charges are assessed at the time of registration. If paying in person, the University accepts cash or checks. You can also pay online by credit card or electronic check.   Payment plans  are available.

Tuition Credit (Refund) Schedule

Fall & Spring Terms

Number of calendar days from
beginning of the semester
Amount of refund
per credit hour
Full Term
Before first day of classes 100%
Day 1-7 100%
Day 8-14 80%
Day 15-21 60%
Day 22-28 40%
Day 29-35 20%
After 35th day 0%
Half Term
Day 1-7 100%
Day 8-14 60%
Day 15-21 20%
After 21st day 0%

Summer Term

Amount of refund
per credit hour 
Summer Full Term
Day 1-7 100%
Day 8-11 80%
Day 12-17 60%
Day 18-23 40%
Day 24-29 20%
After day 29 0%
Summer Sessions I & II
Day 1-7 100%
Day 8-9 60%
Day 10-12 40%
Day 13-15 20%
After day 15 0%
Summer Intersession
Day 1 100%
Day 2 60%
Day 3 20%
After day 3 0%
Prior to Day 1 100%
Day 1 50%
After Day 1 0%

Important Note

Failure to attend class(es) is not sufficient notice to the University to qualify for a refund and may result in a punitive grade of VF (failure to officially withdraw) on the student's academic record.

Not all fees are refundable after classes begin.

Refunds for students approved to move off-campus are based on the day the student leaves University housing.

Meal plan refunds are based on the above tuition Refund Schedule. Any meal plan refund issued in the first through seventh calendar day of the semester will be based on actual usage.

Intensive English Program (formerly ESL) students follow a different refund schedule. Please contact the Center for International Education for more information.

In extraordinary circumstances, such as serious illness or injury, when a student is forced to withdraw from classes after the refund period has ended, a written appeal may be made to the dean of the college requesting special consideration. Appropriate documentation is required with such an appeal.

Policies are subject to change.


Frequently Used Telephone Numbers

Office Phone Number
Admission (undergraduate) 513-745-3301
ALL Card Center 513-745-3374
Auxiliary Services (meal plans, parking) 513-745-4281
Bursar 513-745-3435
Adult and Professioal Education (APEX) 513-745-3030
Center for International Education 513-745-3301
Collection Office 513-745-4841
Executive MBA Program 513-745-2993
Financial Aid 513-745-3142
Graduate Programs (all but MBA) 513-745-3360
MBA Office 513-745-3525
Registrar 513-745-3941
Residence Life 513-745-3203
Student Life 513-745-3202

Open Registration

Any registration after early registration through the first day of school is defined as "open" registration. All students are required to arrange for payment of tuition and fees at the time of open registration to avoid cancellation.

Late Registration

Late registration refers to any registration that occurs after school begins. All late registrants are required to make payment arrangements within 48 hours of registering late.

Payment Plans

There are two ways to pay. You can pay in full each month by paying the balance reflected on the eBill or you can enroll in the   X-Flex Payment Plan. The payment plan will calculate the minimum amount due for the student, taking into account any awarded financial aid, and may require an initial minimum payment at the time of enrollment in the plan. All payment plans are subject to change.

A Late Fee is assessed on any amount that is past due and unpaid at the rate of 1% (rate subject to change). The Late Fee is assessed one business day (around the 14th of each month) prior to the publication of the next eBill. These plans can be reviewed at

Returned Checks

Checks and ACH payments returned unpaid by the bank result in the assessment of a service charge of $25 per check against the issuer's account or against the account of the student on whose behalf the check was presented. Failure to make prompt payment for returned checks will result in the cancellation of registration, as well as other collection activity. All collection costs are the responsibility of the student on whose behalf the check was presented.


Students who officially withdraw from the University or withdraw from class(es) may be eligible for a refund of tuition based upon the amount of tuition assessed and the date of official withdrawal. (See withdrawal policies on the Registrar's website. Students must officially withdraw through the Office of the Registrar to be eligible for any refund. All financial aid must be adjusted before a refund is issued.

Tuition refunds for summer sessions are pro-rated based upon the official withdrawal date and the portion of the session elapsed. Contact the Office of the Bursar for specific refund amounts.

The Bursar's Office processes refunds (overpayments on students' bursar accounts) once a week. Visit  to learn more. Refund checks are not available for pick up.

Billing Process

Xavier uses an eBilling process to present students and Authorized Users with an invoice detailing charges for tuition, fees, room and board, in addition to estimated financial aid that has been arranged through the University's Office of Financial Aid as of that date. Be sure to visit  and read the Frequently Asked Questions  pertaining to billing. eBills are published on the 15th of each month or the last business day prior to the 15th if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday. Due dates are the first of each month.

Estimated financial aid, as shown on the initial semester billing (July for Fall semester and December for Spring semester), becomes an actual posting during the first full month of the semester. Please call the Office of Financial Aid at 513-745-3142 if you have questions.

Xavier University reserves the right to correct any regulatory, computational or clerical errors.