Payment Plans

There are two methods by which you can pay your bursar account balance. You can Pay In Full or you can enroll in an X-Flex Payment Plan.

About Payment In Full

When a monthly eBill is published (around the 5th of each month) review that bill and pay the Total Due on or before the 25th of the month. For example, when the July 5th eBill is published, the Due Date for the payment in full is July 25. A Late Fee will be assessed on the 28th of the month (or prior business day) at the rate of 1% on the amount that is past due and unpaid. Keep in mind that students and Authorized Users should review each monthly eBill (eBills will not be published if there were no transactions on the student's bursar account since the last eBill and the student has a $0.00 balance) and pay that balance on or before the Due Date which is the 25th of the month. The reason for this is that students may receive miscellaneous charges on their bursar account throughout the semester. These charges might include library fines, parking citations, additional meal plans, etc.

About the X-Flex Payment Plan

[Please note: ABSN students are not eligible to participate in the X-Flex Payment Plan.] Students have the option of spreading their total balance for the Fall and Spring semester over 5 monthly payments (2 payments for Summer) by enrolling in an X-Flex Payment Plan. The X-Flex Payment Plans are available to all eligible students. If you have financial aid and have completed all of your paperwork, this plan will subtract your financial aid from your total balance and calculate your minimum installment payment for you. There is an enrollment fee each semester. >> Learn More

The last day to enroll in the Fall 2022 X-Flex Plan is August 25. 


Notice about the Employer Reimbursement Plan

While the X-Flex Payment Plan is available to all students, the Employer Reimbursement Plan was discontinued with the Fall 2014 semester. If you work for an employer that has education reimbursement benefits, learn more about how this payment plan change will affect you. >> Learn More