Transfer Admission

Transfer FAQs

Who is a transfer student?

Transfer students are students under the age of 24 who have enrolled in another institution after high school graduation.

Do I apply as an adult or transfer student?

If you are under the age of 24 enrolled in another college or university after you graduated high school you will apply as a transfer. If you are over the age of 24, regardless of the number of credits completed, you will apply as an Adult and will be supported through our Adult and Professional Education program.

Is housing available for transfer students?

Yes! We have on-campus housing available for transfer students who are enrolled full-time. We also allow transfer students to live off-campus.

Am I eligible to apply for transfer admission if I’ve been dismissed from another institution?

If you have been dismissed from your home institution, Xavier University will honor the sanction that is part of your dismissal. The duration of your dismissal holds true at Xavier University. If you are eligible to return to your home institution in one term or one year, we will review your application for the equivalent term following the completion of your sanction.

What are my options as a transfer if I’m interested in nursing?

We accept transfer applications for nursing. However, transferring into the nursing program is highly competitive with limited openings. Our nursing program is designed as a direct admit program. Therefore, transfer students must have completed at least 24 credit hours including the required freshman curriculum (A&P I, A&P II, Intro to Sociology or Intro to Social Work) with a B or higher. Transfers are only eligible to transfer up to the second year of the program. Students who have been dismissed from another nursing program will not be considered for transfer into Xavier’s Nursing program. Applicants who are interested in Nursing are encouraged to apply early as we make decisions on a rolling basis.

When will I know if my credits transfer?

Your admissions counselor will guide you through the process while working behind the scenes with the registrar and academics. You will be asked to provide an unofficial transcript to begin the discussion, but final credit decisions will not be made until we receive the official transcript.

Can I apply to enroll in the spring?

Absolutely! Since the Spring semester begins in January, it is important to have your completed application by December 1. This will give your transfer team time to review your application and evaluate your transfer credits.

Am I eligible for scholarships?

Yes! All transfer applicants are considered for merit scholarships when they submit their application for admission. No separate application is needed.