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John Proctor is the Villain
By Kimberly Belflower
April 19-21, 2024
Gallagher Student Center Studio Theatre

At a rural high school in Georgia, a group of lively teens are studying “The Crucible” while navigating young love, sex ed, and a few school scandals. Holding a contemporary lens to the American classic, they begin to question who is really the hero and what is the truth, discovering their own power in the process. Alternately touching and bitingly funny, this new comedy captures a generation in mid-transformation, running on pop music, optimism, and fury, writing their own coming of age story.



Raelynn Nix…Alexa Kreuzer
Shelby Holcomb…..Regan Utrup
Beth Powell...Abigail Dirr
Nell Shaw...Tierra London Rush
Ivy Watkins...Michelle Mitchell 
Mason Adams...Sean Moss
Lee Turner...Matthew Callas
Carter Smith….Owen Clark
Bailey Gallagher...Anna Verderber
Student/Raelynn Understudy...Bri Willingham
Student/Shelby Understudy...Josi Pietrzyk
Student/Beth Understudy...Loretta Rubin
Student/Nell Understudy...Raya Franklin
Student/Ivy Understudy...Jaime Israel
Student/Mason Understudy...Benny Mitchell
Student/Gallagher Understudy...Mia D'Ascenzo
Student...Leo Jenkins


Production Team:

Stage Manager...Ally Linser
Light & Set Designer…Joe Beumer
Sound Designers…Cristin Fries & Mattie Cieplak
Costume Designer…Jessica Pitcairn
Intimacy Director...Torie Wiggins
Fight Choreographer...Patrick Phillips
Prop Designers...Grace Caccavari, Sienna Glaze & Brookelyn Duncan
Associate Costume Designer...Mary McMurray
Assistant Stage Managers...Renee Maloney, Andrew Normington & Caleb Freed
Crew...Ellie Flaherty-Lovy, Jamie Swisshelm & Veronica Talbert
Assistant Light Designer...Kate Crisp
Light Board Operator...James Ciccarelle
Assistant Directors...Emma Hunt, Jenna Treinen & Tessa D'Errico
Technical Director...Joe Leonard
Producer & Director...Stephen Skiles


SHOW WARNINGS: John Proctor Is the Villain contains adult content and language. The play explores difficult themes including a brief depiction of forced physical contact and discussions of sexual exploitation. It is recommended for high school students and older. If you have further questions about the content of the show, please contact us at

BOX OFFICE INFORMATION: Xavier Theatre utilizes a digital box office for events. The physical box office on campus, outside of the GSC Theatre, will open 1 hour prior to each showtime. 

Theatre doors open approximately 30 minutes prior to showtime. 

JOHN PROCTOR IS THE VILLAIN has a run time of 1:40 without an intermission.


Time: Spring semester, Junior year, 2019

Place: All scenes take place in Mr. Smith's classroom, except one at a local gas station


Special Thanks:

The Albers Fund
The Knowlton Foundation
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Hannah Driskill
Peyton Wright
Kelsey Schwarber
Curt Tofteland
Aiden Dalton
Xavier University Theatre Shop Crew


Photos by Mikki Schaffner.