Take It On

Election Day Preparation

Take It On encourages our campus community to prepare for Election Day and the days following.

Election Day at Xavier

This year, Election Day (Tuesday, November 8) is a holiday at Xavier, meaning there are no classes (note that clinicals, practicums, student teaching, internships, and once-a-week labs may still meet). Please check your class syllabus.  Offices are open.

How might we help our students engage?

  • Make a plan to vote using the Xavier.motivote.us website!
  • Vote in local elections and encourage our students to vote. Early voting for this year’s elections starts on October 12 and includes the two Saturdays, the Sunday and the Monday before Election Day.
  • Learn more about the candidates and issues at the League of Women Voters’ non-partisan Vote411 site.
  • Use Social Explorer with your students. The Library has this database as a trial (thanks to Anne Ryckbost for sending it). It’s very easy to explore and create maps based on current as well as historical census and demographic data. You can explore data by zip code, place, county, state, and metropolitan statistical area (MSA). How does 45207 compare with Cincinnati, Hamilton County, or the Cincinnati metro area?
  • Consider serving as a poll worker. Xavier University is committed to supporting employees and students who wanted to work at the polls on Election Day, November 8, 2022. Learn more. 

Take Care of Yourself

Election cycles can be challenging for many of us. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to seek support from campus resources.

Student Resources for Support:

  • Students are encouraged to seek support from a number of campus resources:
  • Virtual Let’s Talk Counseling sessions (brief, drop-in consultations) are available. Contact 513-745-3022, option 2 to connect with a counselor.
  • For crisis support, please contact XUPD at 513-745-1000 to reach the Counselor on call.
  • If you have specific concerns about an individual student, please reach out to the Office of the Dean of Students at 513-745-3166. You can also email Angie Kneflin, Director of Care Management (513-383-5082).
  • The Bias Advisory and Response Team (BART) serves as a response mechanism for reports of bias motivated behavior against Xavier students. For more information about BART and its work please see the BART website.
  • RAs, Student Success Coaches, Staff, Faculty and Hall Directors:
    • Always feel free to reach out to any of the any of the knowledgeable and concerned people you know at Xavier; they are there for you.

Faculty and Staff Resources for Support:

  • Xavier’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all Xavier employees regardless of whether or not the employee elected Xavier's health insurance. Find more information on the Human Resources website or call 800-865-1044.
  • Xavier’s Psychological Services Center is available for short-term individual therapy for Xavier employees. For more information, contact Psychological Services Center at 513-745-3531.

Keep Our Community Together—with Courage and Integrity

  • Use Tools for a Healthy Conversation.
    • Be Honest: Share your experience & speak with courage.
    • Be Curious: Engage with respect & build a relationship & ask questions.
    • Be Present: Listen with compassion & acknowledge each other’s emotions.
    • Be Open: Search for common ground in values or goals.
  • Take good care of yourself and of each other.
    • Express your truth and emotions without being hateful or harmful to others. Allow others to express their truth.
    • Speak with courage about the election.
    • Give grace to others in their joy, anger, or distress.
    • Be wise in your use of social media. Social media can be a powerful tool to uncover injustice; it can also create disproportionate harm. If your post involves someone who didn’t know they were being photographed or recorded, take a step back before you decide it must be posted.
  • Eager for more? See The Xavier Way for Dialogue: A Shared Vision to Strengthen our Community and Leadership in Ignatian Civic Engagement.

Watch for Official Results

  • Look for results issued by the State of Ohio on ohiosos.gov (the website of the Ohio Secretary of State).See here for more information. Local broadcast news coverage is also likely to avoid punditry.
  • Visit the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency website on rumor and misinformation for questions about the security of the vote. The site includes information to dispel rumors about the election.