Take It On

Leadership in Ignatian Civic Engagement

As leaders in Ignatian Civic Engagement, members of the Xavier University community are called upon to seek out difference with the aim of listening, respecting and being open to learning from each other. We explore common ground when discussing controversial topics so that our students may learn to engage in difficult dialogue with others in a civil, productive manner. We promote civic engagement that balances political engagement, academics, and well-being.

In the Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius Loyola outlined a series of practices that serve as a foundation for productive dialogue: be slow to speak, listen attentively, seek the truth in what others are saying, disagree humbly, respectfully, and thoughtfully, and allow the conversation the time it needs.  We can live out Ignatian speech principles by adopting these tools for a healthy conversation:

  • Be Curious – Engage with respect, build a relationship, and ask questions
  • Be Present – Listen with compassion and acknowledge each other’s emotions
  • Be Open – Search for common ground in values or goals
  • Be Honest – Share your experience & speak with courage
  • Difficult conversations take time and trust – it’s OK to disagree

Xavier University is committed to free inquiry and discussion and the free expression of ideas and opinions.

Consistent with our mission, we are also called on to support an inclusive environment of open and free inquiry in which all members of the Xavier community are enabled and encouraged to participate fully in the life of the University with dignity and mutual respect.

As a university that is committed to free speech and expression, we welcome peaceful protest provided it does not obstruct or otherwise interfere with the freedom of others to hear from speakers or otherwise participate in a campus event. 

Xavier University will not tolerate speech and expression that incites violence against individuals, groups, or property, falsely defames others, or violates university policies against harassment and discrimination.

As we engage in difficult conversations, we call on all members of our community to live out the ideals and values articulated in the Xavier Student Commitment:

We Come Together in the Spirit of St. Ignatius
to Learn Together, to Serve Together
We will Succeed in Changing the World Together
We Act with Integrity, Justice, and Generosity
All for One.  One for All.