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Registration Assistance

For registration assistance or questions, please email your academic advisor/success coach or schedule an appointment here. If your advisor/coach is not available, please email and someone will be in touch soon.

Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine which classes they will register for. Success Coaches are available to help students prepare for their advising meetings and to help students navigate the registration process.  

The Office of the Registrar will provide information about academic policies, dates, and deadlines.

Please email your Success Coach with questions or email and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

Registration Resources:

Video How To Guides:

 Registration Tips from the SSC:


  • If you have a Hold:
    • Advisor Hold: Contact your Academic advisor
    • Bursar Hold: Contact:
    • Disciplinary Hold: contact Dean of Students: 513-745-3166
    • Incomplete Medical or Covid Records:
      • Go here to learn more about medical records
      • Med Proctor to send in your vaccinations
      • Covid Immunization information is found here
      • Contact 513-745-3041 for questions about medical records

General Tips:

  • It is most important that you get into the COURSE you need
  • Be flexible with times, days, and professor choices 
  • Remember that you can adjust your schedule up through the first week of the Spring semester.
  • Make sure to register for 15 credit hours (12 credit hours are considered full-time)
  • Remember that you can change your schedule up through the first week of classes 

 Did you receive a Banner Registration Error? Here are some tips for dealing with these concerns:

    • Closed Class (capacity) – Seats in this course are full! Come back another day or waitlist to see if it opens up! (We recommend finding another course instead so you can get enough credits for next semester).
    • Waitlist Full/Seats Reserved for Waitlist- The class and its waitlist are full. The class may show an open seat (something Self-Service does that frustrates us too!) but in reality, there are no more options for this section. 
    • Time Conflict – Uh oh! You have another course at this time. Try a different section.
    • Pre-requisite or Test Score Error – It looks like you need another course before this one. Check the course information on pre-requisites to know what you should take instead.
    • Co-requisite or Test Score Error – Does this course require a lab class? Check to see if you need another course and register for these at the same time.
    • Maximum Hours Exceeded – You’re going to be busy! Remember you need permission to go above 18 credit hours.
    • Field of Study – Major – Are you officially in the major listed for this class? Check to make sure your major is correctly updated in the system. If necessary, reach out to the department to change your major and request an override. 
    • Field of Study – Minor - Are you officially in the minor listed for this class? Check to make sure your minor is correctly updated in the system. If necessary, reach out to the department to change your minor and request an override.
    • Student Attribute Restriction – Please find another course.
    • Class Restriction- How long have you been a student? This class has a restriction for your year in college, often restricted to junior or senior students. Check with your advisor if they suggested this particular course, if you are choosing an elective, go for a 100 or 200-level class instead.
    • Level Restriction- Oops, you may be trying to sign up for a Graduate level class as an Undergraduate. Please find an alternative course.