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What is success coaching?

At Xavier, we provide students with a constellation of support. Success coaches work collaboratively with academic advisors, financial aid counselors, career coaches, and other members of the campus community to support every student in a way that is unique to them.

True to Xavier's Jesuit-inspired approach of caring for the whole person, body, mind and spirit, our proactive approach to success coaching provides holistic support and builds meaningful relationships between students and university faculty and staff.

Why would I need a Success Coach?

The transition to college can be a challenge. Success coaches at Xavier are well-versed on strategies students can use to reach their academic goals. When you meet 1:1 with a success coach, you and your coach can develop a personal approach that works best for you. Coaching encourages you to understand your personal strengths and weaknesses, recognize patterns of behavior, reflect critically on decisions and make deliberate choices that support your best interests.

Among other things, your Success Coach can help you:

  • Establish academic goals
  • Develop time management skills
  • Identify and utilize academic resources
  • Connect to the university in a meaningful way
  • Prepare for your advising appointment
  • Listen and provide guidance unique to you
  • Eliminate barriers that may interfere with your academic goals

Feel free to call or email your success coach with any questions or concerns. Attending college is all about adapting to challenges and changes. Through coaching, students develop self-sufficiency and academic confidence, while facing issues like homesickness and "not fitting in." Your coach can provide you with information to keep your college career on track.

What happens during the initial meeting with my Success Coach?

During your initial meeting, your Success Coach will provide a brief overview about the purpose of Success Coaching and how you can best use this resource. Your Success Coach will spend some time getting to know you. We want to learn about your academic goals and interests, what makes you excited and nervous about your college experience, how you best learn, and how we, as a coach, can best support you.

Get in Touch

You can schedule an appointment online or email us at with questions. Coaches will outreach to their students throughout the semester to schedule appointments and share important information, but students are always welcome to email or call if they need help.

You can also connect with us on Instagram at @xustudentsuccess.