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Schedule an appointment with your coach. Current students can access their success coach via the Road Thru Xavier.  Follow these instructions

First and Second Year Students can find their Success Coach by major listed below. Your Success Coach will also be listed in Road Thru Xavier.


List of majors and coaches
Major Success Coach Phone Email
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Accounting Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
Actuarial Science Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Advertising Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Applied Biology Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Applied Chemistry Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Applied Physics Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Art Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Biology Becki Bleikamp 513-745-3506
Biomedical Science Becki Bleikamp 513-745-3506
Biophysics Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Business Analytics Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
Business Undecided Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Chemical Science Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Chemistry Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Classics and Philosophy Honors AB Mollie Labeda 513-745-3294
Comm Arts Undecided Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Communication Studies Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Computer Science Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Criminal Justice Whitney Menser 513-745-2995
Digital Innovation, Film and TV Laura Frazier 513-745-3006
Digital Media Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Early Childhood Education Barb Garand 513-745-2975
Econ, Sustainability and Society Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
Economics Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
Engineering Physics Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
English Whitney Menser 513-745-2995
Entrepreneurial Studies Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
Environmental Science Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Exercise Science Whitney Menser 513-745-2995
Exploratory Mollie Labeda 513-745-3294
Finance Laura Frazier 513-745-3006
Gender and Diversity Studies Whitney Menser 513-745-2995
Graphic Design Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Health Services Administration Barb Garand 513-745-2975
History Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Information Systems Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
International Business Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
International Studies Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Life Sciences for Business Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Liberal Arts Laura Frazier 513-745-3006
Management Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
Marketing Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
Mathematics Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Middle Childhood Education Barb Garand 513-745-2975
Modern Languages Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Modern Languages &  International Economics  Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Montessori Education Barb Garand 513-745-2975
Music Autumn Richards 513-745-3506
Music Education Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Musical Theatre Laura Frazier 513-745-3006
Music Performance Autumn Richards 513-745-3506


Karla Helton 513-745-3097
Philosophy, Politics and The Public Mollie Labeda 513-745-3294
Philosophy Laura Frazier 513-745-3006
Physics Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Political Science Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Pre-Pharmacy Jessie Arnold 513-745-1916
Psychology Whitney Menser 513-745-2995
Public Relations Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Radiologic Technology Barb Garand 513-745-2975
Social Work Whitney Menser 513-745-2995
Sociology Laura Frazier 513-745-3006
Spanish Autumn Richards 513-745-3056
Special Education Barb Garand 513-745-2975
Sport Management Barb Garand 513-745-2975
Sport Marketing Barb Garand 513-745-2975
Strategic Human Resource Management Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
Sustainability: Econ and Management Abbie Hopperton 513-745-2971
Teaching Life Sciences and Chemistry Barb Garand 513-745-2975
Teaching Life Sciences Barb Garand 513-745-2975
Theatre Laura Frazier 513-745-3006
Theatre Education Laura Frazier 513-745-3006
Theology Mollie Labeda 513-745-3294

Table of affinity group Success Coaches

List of majors and coaches
Major Success Coach Phone
No result
Any veteran or veteran dependent, regardless of major Spencer Rumley 513-745-3620
Any TRiO student, regardless of major Dr. Daniel McSpadden 513-745-3756
Any TRiO student, regardless of major Hanna Tegegne 513-745-3784
Any TRiO student, regardless of major Meshia Carter 513-745-3747
Any international student, regardless of major Tsvety Karaivanova 513-745-2804
Student Athletes - BAS, WBB, M/W SWM Angela Wyss 513-745-3708
Student Athletes- MBB, MGO, MSO, VOL Chris Barbour 513-745-3778
Student Athletes - MTN, WGO, WTN, M/W CC, M/W TRF Kirby Boehm 513-745-3115