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All students at Xavier are assigned a success coach.  You can find your assignment on the student hub ( under the 'Contacts' tab. If you have questions, please contact us at   

To schedule an appointment with your coach, follow these instructions. Online scheduling of virtual success coaching appointments is by Zoom or phone. You can also choose to meet in person.   


Table of affinity group Success Coaches

List of majors and coaches
Major Success Coach Phone
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Any veteran, regardless of major Amber Schutte 513-745-3620
Any veteran dependent, regardless of major Rochelle Garner 513-745-3680
Any TRiO student, regardless of major Dr. Daniel McSpadden 513-745-3756
Any TRiO student, regardless of major Hanna Tegegne 513-745-3784
Any TRiO student, regardless of major Meshia Carter 513-745-3747
Any international student, regardless of major Sam Kwapong 513-745-2864
Student Athletes - BAS, M/W SWM Angela Wyss 513-745-3708
Student Athletes- MBB, VOL, LAX Sarah Naas 513-745-3778
Student Athletes - WBB, M/WTN, M/W CC, M/W TRF JP Parham 513-745-3115
Student Athletes - MSO, WSO, MGO, WGO Kristin Janes 513-745-3731