Student Success Center

Progress Reports

How do I submit a progress report?

Upon receiving the progress report request via email, there will be an individualized link you can click that will take you into the report(s) for your class(es).  If a student is at-risk, you can check the box and select the nature of the alert from the drop-down menu.  

Please add any additional comments that would give us a complete picture of the student's challenges and or provide additional context to your concern. You do not need to enter information for a student that is making appropriate progress.  

Once you have finished entering information for students who need assistance, please click "submit all students" at the bottom of the form. If you have no students who are at-risk, please submit the form indicating all students are making appropriate progress.  

What happens when you submit the progress report?

When you submit a progress report it is logged in EAB Navigate on each student’s profile.  If you included a notification from the drop-down menu, an email is sent to both the student and the Success Coach. 

The student receives an email from a generic no-reply email account.  The email includes which class the notification is for, which notification was selected from the drop-down menu, and campus resources available to the student.  We encourage students to speak directly with their professor about the concerns and help them make an appointment with their Success Coach. The student will not see any additional comments you share, but those will be logged in EAB Navigate.

The Success Coach will also receive an email notification for all alerts.  Coaches track this information and will outreach to the student if there is a pattern of concerns or if there are other indicators that suggest more active intervention is necessary.

Success Coaches may reach out to faculty members for more information, as needed.  Updates regarding coach intervention with the student will be logged in EAB Navigate.  Faculty members can reach out to the Success Coach if they have additional questions or information to share. 

If a student has multiple alerts, the Success Coach may choose to combine the alerts to more easily manage their caseload. As a reporter, you will receive an email when a case is closed.

How frequently are faculty asked to submit feedback?

Faculty teaching undergraduate courses will receive a progress report seeking feedback once each semester. Some courses have been omitted from the request such as independent studies, internship courses, practicum courses, and courses with lower enrollment. 

There are two ways faculty may submit feedback regarding students.

NAVIGATE ALERTS - If the concern is academic-based (low grades, missed classes, missing assignments, etc.) they can issue an alert for academic reasons. If a Success Coach meets with a student and discovers there are factors beyond academic concerns involved, the coach will then submit a Student of Concern report.

STUDENT OF CONCERN REPORT - Any student concerns that are beyond just the scope of academics (including mental health, behavior, health or safety concerns) should be submitted via the Student of Concern Report. The Student of Concern report may also include academic components, but that is in addition to non-academic concerns.

How does this interact with the midterm grades submitted?

Success Coaches  track all midterm grades submitted through Banner.  This information, in addition to progress report feedback, helps coaches connect with students who may need additional support to be successful.  Coaches will reach out to all students who receive a midterm grade of D or lower to connect and discuss ways to turn things around. 

Additional Questions?

Please email with any additional questions you may have about this process.