Education Abroad

Upon Return

Transfer Credit Questions

Why does DegreeWorks say my study abroad courses are "still in progress?"  

If DegreeWorks says your classes are "still in progress," it is because the Registrar's office has not received your official transcript from your study abroad semester yet. You may need to still request your transcript, if you have not already requested it. 

How do I request my transcript to come to Xavier University? 

It depends on your program. You may need to request it directly from your study abroad program's Registrar's office or International office. However, it is possible that they will send it to Xavier on your behalf. Prior to departing your program, it is a good idea to check in with the international office to see what the process is to ensure a transcript is sent to Xavier. 

Who should receive my transcript at Xavier University? 

Your study abroad transcript should be sent to the Center for International Education. You may send it to the following address: 

Xavier University
Center for International Education
3815 St. Francis Xavier Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-2171

When will my study abroad transcript arrive?  

Generally, transcripts arrive in the middle of the semester after you have studied abroad. However, it does vary by program. Additionally, if you have never submitted a formal request for a transcript and this is required to receive a transcript, one will not arrive to Xavier. But as long as a transcript has been requested to the address above, it should arrive about a month or two after the end of your program. 

Re-Entry Questions 

I am interested in studying abroad again. Is it possible? 

Usually. It does depend on your progress to degree completion and when you graduate. It might not make sense for you to study abroad during your senior year, and your credits might be too specific to complete on a study abroad program. However, many students choose to study abroad more than once! Contact your academic advisor and the CIE to see if you can make it work. 

How can I get involved in the Center for International Education? 

The CIE has a variety of programs throughout the year that we encourage all students to participate, but especially returned study abroad students. Each week, the CIE and another office, student organization or group hosts International Coffee Hour on Wednesdays at 3:30pm in GSC (2nd floor). Additionally, you can be a member of the new international student orientation team by applying to be an Interlink Peer Mentor. There are also a variety of different events hosted by Citizens of the World that CIE definitely encourages students to join such as the International Gala in the fall and World Quest in the spring.  

What if I am struggling after I return from studying abroad? 

The CIE highly suggests you attend the re-entry workshop after your return from your study abroad program. As a student, you are always welcome to attend any other CIE events as well (see above). Additionally, the CIE is a very welcoming place; our office is always a space where you can come to relax, work on home, find a cup of coffee, and meet new people. Lastly, you can find additional help at the Sycamore House or McGrath's counseling services. Additional information can be found here.