Safety at Xavier

Student Safety

Student safety is extremely important at Xavier. As the University expands, the needs and challenges of providing protection grow with it. Although we have experienced a very nominal rate of on-campus crime, we continue to make improvements. We've enhanced our security to both the classroom and living spaces. We continue to review the number and location of emergency phones to provide optimal coverage.

Xavier Police offer escort services, auto assistance, and more than 50 crime prevention programs each year, all for your safety.

We cannot do this alone. Campus Safety requires a community effort. The cooperation and involvement of students in any campus safety program is absolutely necessary. Everyone must assume responsibility for their own safety and the security of their property by following simple, common sense precautions.

Sign Up for XU ALERT ME

The University provides a voice and text message system, XU ALERT ME. This is a communication system that contacts members of the campus community through voice and text messages in the event of an urgent situation. Students may sign up for the service through the MyXU campus portal.

Safety Basics

  • See it, hear it, report it: If you see trouble or something suspicious on campus, immediately call Xavier Police at 513-745-1000. Program this number into the speed dial of your cell phone.
  • Lock your door: In the residence hall, even if you're out of your room for a few minutes, lock your room door. Unfortunately, thefts do occur in residence halls. But they happen most often when rooms are not secured.
  • Protect valuables: Bring to campus only what you will need. Leave large electronics, jewelry, and other valuables at home. If you do bring valuables, consider engraving or marking them and record the serial numbers of valuable property. Bring a small safe or lock box to secure your possessions (cash, credit cards, jewelry, electronics, etc.) in your room. You can also check with your parents' insurance agent about coverage for personal property.
    Guard electronics: Your laptop, cell phone, PDA, iPod, and other items are certainly valuable. Don't leave them unattended. Since most of these items are small, they're easy to steal, conceal and dispose of quickly.
  • Watch your books: Textbook theft is a major campus crime nationwide: Books are expensive, so they are stolen in order to be resold to bookstores or websites for quick cash. Mark your textbooks with your name and four-digit ID number. Don't leave your books or backpack unattended, and carry only the books you need.
  • Secure your vehicle: Always lock your vehicle, and don't leave anything in plain view. Remove all valuables such as GPS devices, iPods, backpacks, or purses, or be sure to lock them in your trunk. When your car is parked, check on it occasionally, so it doesn't look abandoned.
  • Stay sober: Alcohol will impair your judgment and can increase your chances of being a victim of crime. Know that Xavier enforces state law: The legal age for drinking in Ohio is 21.
  • Use common sense: When you're out and about, walk with assurance so you're not seen as the easy target sought by criminals. Be aware of your surroundings. Don't flash your cash! If you need help, call the local police, 911 off campus, and/or Xavier Police, 513-745-1000, on campus.