Safety at Xavier

For Parents

Please use this website to stay in contact with Xavier on matters of campus safety. The home page Public Safety Notices box will provide the latest and most accurate information for you and your student on matters of campus safety. Use the Resources tab to gain access to all campus and community resources who have safety responsibilities. We take your student's safety and well being very seriously and hope you do too.

We need your help. The transition to college life can be challenging for both the student and the parents. Student safety is a concern of parents and new students. Students need to think about things which were never a concern when living at home, and there are actions students can take to safeguard themselves and their property. We hope that this page will help you help your student make smart choices when dealing with their safety.

Talk to Your Student About Safety

  • Have them sign up for XU Alert Me
  • Have them put the Xavier Police number, (513) 745-1000, in their cell phone speed dial. If there's a problem, any problem, call Xavier Police.
  • Have them lock their doors regardless of whether they live on-campus or off-campus.
  • Don't bring non-essential valuables to campus. Leave them at home.
  • Make sure they safeguard their electronic items, textbooks and cars.
  • Have them travel in groups when going off-campus.
  • Tell them to be smart about all aspects of alcohol consumption and substance abuse. Make your expectations clear.
  • Talk about their fire safety training in the residence halls and how to respond to a fire alarm.

 Safety Facts

  • Xavier police officers are state certified under section 1713.50 of the Ohio Revised Codes and have full police powers and arrest authority. All officers have completed training at a regional state certified police academy.
  • There are Xavier officers on patrol 24/7 in patrol cars, golf carts and mountain bikes. Officers also maintain foot patrols in campus buildings, parking lots and grounds.
  • Xavier Police provide 24-hour dispatcher coverage with staff members trained to respond to emergency calls and dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel to the situation.
  • There are assistance phones located throughout campus and intrusion alarms on entrances to residence halls and academic and administrative buildings.
  • Xavier Police have mutual aid agreements with Cincinnati and Norwood Police Departments to provide assistance to Xavier Police whenever requested.
  • Xavier police officers and supervisors are certified by the National Incident Management Systems and trained to handle campus emergencies under the Unified Command Systems as outlined by federal Homeland Security guidelines.
  • Xavier Police offer crime prevention/safety programs throughout the year, including theft prevention, fire safety, personal safety, alcohol awareness, and women's self defense.
  • Xavier Police also provide other services such as car lockout assistance and jump-starts; fingerprint and notary services; safety escort; business and interior patrols of classrooms and administrative offices; and daily one-on-one contacts with the Xavier community.