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Step 5


Select your Payment Agreement: Learn about the payment plans available to students through the Bursar's website. Students may select a payment plan (x-Flex) or pay in full. Submission of the payment plan is administered through the current student HUB. You can enroll in the Payment Plan by logging in to the Student HUB, clicking on the Self-Service box, going to the student tab, click Billing and payments, and then on the link called My Bursar Account. You may check your balance at any time via this link as well as make a full or monthly payment.

Shortly after being enrolled in courses you will receive a green envelope in the mail at your home address from Higher One containing your My One Card. Your My One Card is needed to login to a site to set up your preferred refund option. Instructions are in the envelope with the card. The card may be chosen as an option in which to receive any refunds. The card operates as a Debit MasterCard (not a credit card) and can help you in receiving any credit (over payment) on your student account. Other options include a mailed check or electronic deposit to a checking or saving account.

Important Note: You must set up your XU password in order to receive and pay your XU bills.
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