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Step 4



Finding Courses

After logging into the Self-Service area of the Student Hub, click on the link for the "streamlined course search." This is where you will be able to look up classes each semester. Online courses are denoted with an attribute on the right side of the course listing - "100% online no set meetings." Courses without an attribute will be offered on main campus or may say "blended/online/onsite" for those that are a mixture of in class and online.

If you are only looking for online or blended courses, this online streamlined search is the most direct path.

You may also access the course catalog for course descriptions. Refer to Step 3 for advising information and program curricula.


Adding / Dropping Courses

From the Student Hub, choose the "Drop/Add Classes" link to register or remove yourself from a class up until a semester starts. You may also waitlist yourself should the class be closed. You will simply select "waitlist" and re-submit the form.

Choose the "student detail schedule" link to see your course information including course meeting dates, location (if not online), and faculty name with email.

View step-by-step registration instructions [PDF]


Note About Term Lengths

Please note that some programs have eight-week courses during fall and spring semesters. The summer term can have courses of varying lengths. When registration for a term (fall, spring, summer) is open, you can register for all courses available during the term.

Note about Financial Aid

Graduate students are eligible for FA if they are at least half-time (4.5+ credit hours) in the semester in which aid is requested (fall, spring and/or summer). Students who wish to apply for financial aid should review FA info.

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