Mission and Identity for Trustees

Spiritual Leadership

On Being a Contemplative in Action


Narrated by Mr. Gary Robinette (XU MBA), Trustee since 2012 and Ms. Barbara Howard '76, Trustee since 1995 and chairwoman since 2014. The narrative can also be read here.


A Call For Spiritual Leaders - Fr. Adolfo Nicolas SJ

University Vision and Mission - both accepted by the Xavier Board of Trustees on September 28, 2012
University Values
Xavier's Academic Vision and Values - both accepted by the Xavier Faculty in spring 2011


Reflection Question:

  • Which prerequisite that Fr. Nicolas outlines for heroic spiritual leadership (i.e, shared values, freedom, generosity, selflessness) especially resonates with me as a Xavier trustee? Why?
  • Fr. Nicolas ended his comments to AJCU Board representatives with the question:
    'What selfless actions--based in the freedom, generosity and shared values as a community committed to Jesuit higher education--might God be asking you to lead at your particular institution?'
    How do I respond?
  • In what ways am I spiritual leader (-a contemplative in action)?
  • Former Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ, has stated that 'The real measure of our Jesuit universities lies in who our students become'.
    Who do I think our students become for Xavier to get 'high marks' on this measurement?

    How do I contribute to this transformation?
  • What decision did I help make, as a Xavier trustee, in which I recall the 4 pre-requisites highly evident?


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