Mission and Identity for Trustees

Jesuit Tradition

Gifts of our Ignatian Heritage



Narrated by Mr. Joseph Pichler, Trustee since 1993, Board Chair from 2004-2009. 2013 Founder's Day Award recipient. (The Introduction can also be read here.)



The Gifts of Our Ignatian Heritage
XU Discernment Group, Report to the President, 2009

The Truly Catholic University
Richard Malloy, S.J.

optional Are we still Jesuit? Catholic?
Charles Currie, S.J. (former president of the Assoc. of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and Xavier University, 1982-85)

Reflection Questions

  • What major world, national and regional events have taken place during the time I have served as a trustee?
    What effects did the event have on student life and campus culture?
  • How can I, as a trustee, help the institution prepare for a rapidly changing global society?
  • Why are they called "gifts" of our Ignatian Heritage?

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