Mission and Identity for Trustees

Reflecting on Mission and Identity as a Trustee of Xavier University

This series provides a brief overview of Jesuit heritage and education. Each section includes a two-minute video, selected readings and reflection questions specifically for the Board of Trustees at Xavier University.

  1. St. Ignatius Loyola: The Founder of the Jesuits
  2. Ignatian Spirituality: The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God
  3. Jesuit Core Values: Whole Persons of Solidarity for the Real World
  4. Jesuit Education: Developing People of Competence and Compassion
  5. The Jesuit Tradition in Today's World: Gifts of our Ignatian Heritage
  6. Xavier University: An Historical Perspective
  7. Seeking Integration and Wisdom: The Xavier Way
  8. Our Hope and Joys for Xavier University: Gaudium et Spes
  9. Religious Pluralism and the Campus Community: The Lived Experience of Nostra Aetate
  10. Leadership in the Ignatian Tradition: Personal and Communal Discernment
  11. Spiritual Leadership: On Being a Contemplative in Action
  12. Ignatian Governance: Discernment, Collaboration, and Networking

Additional topics:

Xavier's Mission as a Global Catholic University
Xavier's Mission as a Jesuit Catholic University
Xavier's Mission as an American Regional University (the Higher Learning Commission)
Xavier's Mission as a Liberal Arts University
Catholic Higher Education Today (Ex Corde Ecclesiae)
The University Mission Statement
Seeking Integration and Wisdom
The Understanding of Mission -- Faculty and staff (assessment results)
Challenges in Jesuit Higher Education
Joys in Jesuit Higher Education
The Understanding of Mission -- Students (assessment results)


Foundational documents on Jesuit Catholic education
Board Meeting Prayers