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Dr. Debra Mooney photo

Debra Mooney, Ph.D.
Vice President for Mission and Identity/CMO
Founding Director, Conway Institute for Jesuit Education
(513) 745-3777

As Xavier University's Chief Mission Officer, Dr. Debra Mooney serves as the Vice President for Mission and Identity and is responsible for promoting the active engagement of the Xavier University community in carrying out the mission of the University as a Jesuit, Catholic institution. Reporting to the President, she serves on the President's Senior Leadership Council, the University Planning and Resourcing Council Advisory Committee, and is staff to the Jesuit Identity Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Joe Shadle photo

Mr. Joe Shadle
Director of the Center for Mission and Identity





Teresa Young, Ph.D.
Director of Faculty Programs in the Center for Mission and Identity
Associate Professor, School of Education




Fr. Ed Schmidt, S.J. photo

Fr. Ed Schmidt, S.J.
Jesuit Scholar

Writings & Scholarship





Fr. Jim McCann, S.J. photoFr. Jim McCann, S.J.
Jesuit Scholar
(513) 745-3532





Tim Sundrup photo

Mr. Tim Sundrup
Administrative Assistant, Center for Mission and Identity
(513) 745-3846



Mission Coordinators

Debbie Knapp, DNP, RN, C-eFM
Teaching Professor
ABSN Program - Cincinnati 

Stacey E. Barnhouse MSN, RNC-OB 
Teaching Professor
ABSN Program - Columbus

Helen Tagliaferro, BSN, MSN
Teaching Professor
ABSN Program - Cleveland

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