Conway Institute

Student Evaluation

Representative Student Evaluation Comments
of the "Sexuality and Ignatian Spirituality" Retreat

1. What ideas or insights have you gained from participating in the "Sexuality and Ignatian Spirituality" retreat?

The main insight I took away from the retreat was that there is so much I can learn from the Jesuit tradition that I can apply to my life experiences, particularly ones related to sex and the soul. (male)

Our sexuality and our souls are in fact intertwined with one another, and we have to learn how to embrace that properly because society gives us the wrong ideas/ approaches to sex and the soul. (male)

I liked exploring the interconnection of sex and spirituality and finding my true self. (female)

I realized that spirituality is just finding where you stand with God and making decisions based on that. (female)

I have a sense that going deeper will broaden myself. (female)

I shouldn't focus on past sexual decisions, and that I need to make decisions based on my own spirituality. (female)

I am all the more pungently aware of how uncertain I am about stuff. I have been far removed from grace in my sexual experience for years and am waiting until I can find something better. (male)

I gained a better idea of others' ideas of sex and God and what love is, helping me better understand love in my life. (female)

No one is perfect, and nothing is over because of one event. You have to search for what is best- you won't always find it right away. (male)

One insight I have gained is the importance of respecting my partner's differences and learning to share in them with him and share mine with him. (female)

2. Have your ideas about God, sexuality, relationships, spirituality, and/or your sexual and relationship desires been altered in any way as a result of these "Sexuality and Ignatian Spirituality" sessions? If so, in what ways?

I'm thinking a lot more about the link between sexuality and spirituality. (male)

I realized that my sexuality and my close relationships really do impact my authentic inner self. (male)

I have been trying to listen more to what is being shown by God. (female).

I realize that I want to have a friendship with someone before I start a physical relationship, even though that is not how I've done things in the past. (female)

Spirituality is very important in relationships. Not just sex. Only sex can ruin relationships. (male)

My ideas have just grown in intensity. I believe one thing though that has altered is learning about the male's perspective and a sense of God's mercy. (female)

I am slightly more accepting of people- I have been accepting, but now I feel there is some more understanding. (male)

This retreat further emphasized to me the benefits of waiting for sex and the beauty of the connections made with each other outside of sex. (female)

In a way I have become more patient about wanting relationships because it's more than just a physical aspect. (male)

3. What was most valuable about a particular retreat session you attended?

The candid discussion of sexuality on a practical level in our lives and relationships was the highlight of these sessions. (male)

Father B's and Brother Burns' session was a great way to introduce the topics of the retreat. They were both so honest and real about their own experiences, and it made me realize how open I can be with God about my sexuality.
I liked the discussion with Father Al Bischoff and Brother Darrell Burns about God and how sometimes we perceive Him as a higher power who is waiting to punish us for our
In Julie Murray's session, I think what was most interesting was true self versus real self and about freedom within ourselves. (female)

I've had a destructive relationship experience similar to one of our speakers, and I believe that peace can be found within yourself and it's important to find it and accept it. (female)

The most valuable thing from Dr. Ahlgren's session was realizing that I can't be sure about love until I have a deep relationship with God and my own spirituality. (female)

Dr. Ahlgren was wholly vulnerable and open with us. That sort of honesty is rare and extremely moving. Also, her passion for God is awesome. (female)

Just hearing her story and her testimony of strength and faith was incredible. I wouldn't change a thing.
I thought Dr. Pramuk's session was really great in that we were able to split up by gender and really talk about what we were confused about without the pressure of the other sex. (female)

Dr. Pramuk's systematic evaluation of past relationships was a good example about how to understand ourselves and our behavior and how to understand God in our lives. (female)

I liked the way Dr. Pramuk talked about his three relationships and what kind of consolation they brought to him; it has helped me to think about my relationships and what I want from them. (female)

Dr. Pramuk is the man. I learned a lot from his stories about his own experiences, and it made me take a harsh look at my sexual past. (male)

From Dr. Pramuk, I learned how important it is to reflect on your experiences and learn from them, whether good or bad. When you reflect and learn, it becomes beneficial for your future encounters and relationships. (male)

Getting Dr. Beste to talk about her marriage was so helpful to bring the reality to us as opposed to fantasizing or being misled by TVs. (female)

In Dr. Beste's and Steve Penticuff's session, I realized that you need to build up desire and really think about when the "ultimate" times will be, before taking things a step further. (female)

It was really important to hear about a real relationship in Dr. Beste's and Steve Penticuff's session. It is the first time that I felt hope about a lasting relationship. (female)