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Alumni Profiles

Some of our recent graduates would like to share with you what they are doing after graduation, as well as their student experiences during the program. We are proud of all our graduates, and pleased we can share a few of their successes with you.

Jamie Houseman

Class of 1998
Oakwood Village with Catholic Healthcare Partners
Springfield, OH

What was your Xavier experience like?
It was an extremely positive experience. I appreciated the bond many of our classmates had and the wonderful memories we created. I admired the commitment the faculty had and still has to make us all successful.

What was your residency like?
My residency was one of a kind. I worked with the CEO of Mercy Health Partners in Southwest Ohio in 1998. I was exposed to all aspects of healthcare and given the opportunity to work with many types of leaders. I met many wonderful people, many of whom are still resources for me today. This experience allowed me to find a part of healthcare that I knew I would enjoy working in everyday. I would have never believed that I would have landed a career in senior health and housing!

What has your career been like since graduation?
I am very proud of my career. I have been working with Catholic Healthcare Partners since my residency. In late 1999, I was hired as Executive Director of Mercy St. Theresa Center in Cincinnati, OH. This was a very exciting opportunity to run a retirement community early in my career. In 2004, an opening became available at Oakwood Village, a continuing care retirement community in Springfield, OH. It was a chance to transfer within the company and move closer to family. Today, I am still the Administrator of Oakwood Village and celebrating 11 years of service with Catholic Healthcare Partners.

Anthony Houston

Class of 2000
Fitch Ratings
Chicago, IL

On his Xavier experience...
At Xavier I was a graduate assistant, and secretary of our ACHE student chapter. I often called upon my classmates for support and advice. Effective team building and balanced group dynamics helped us form a bond that grew stronger each day as we worked together on projects inside and outside the classroom.

On the administrative residency...
Having the opportunity to take the competencies and theories I learned at Xavier into the real world has been invaluable. As a resident at the 350-bed Indian River Memorial Hospital in Vero Beach, FL, I was an active member of the senior administrative team. I coordinated the annual Board of Directors retreat and served as Executive Director of the hospital's development office. I am significantly more prepared to be an effective health care leader because of my residency experience.

On his career since graduation...
Through the Graduate Program in Health Services Administration's mentoring program, alumni dinners and paid administrative residency, my exposure to proven health care leaders is greatly expanded. The vast MHSA alumni network provides students and young alumni the opportunity to meet and establish relationships with proven leaders throughout the country, and across the industry. Xavier grads are everywhere. In Florida I met three CEO's, a partner in a large consulting firm and a leader of A JCAHO accreditation team. The alumni network is a major asset of the program.

As a result of my education, residency experience and networking, I have also held positions at Price water house Coopers, Provider Planning Practice and the University of Chicago Hospitals.

Ted Wabler

Class of 2006
Director, Strategic Initiatives
The Christ Hospital
Cincinnati, Ohio

On his Xavier experience...
Xavier provided a wonderful, balanced foundation for my healthcare education as well as providing a number of "tools" for use in my career. I found the faculty of the program to provide great insight from both a business and clinical perspective and the the project-based group work proved useful in preparing me for the challenges of a career in healthcare.

On the administrative residency...
The administrative residency is something that made my MHSA from Xavier so impactful. The opportunity to interface daily with accomplished healthcare executives provides such a valuable experience.

On his career since graduation...
The Xavier Graduate Program in Health Services Administration truly prepares one for a leadership role in healthcare. It is amazing the number of times things are discussed in meetings that make me reflect on something I remember learning at XU.

Janneseka Franklin

Class of 2006
Medical Administration Specialist
Cincinnati, OH

On her Xavier experience...
My experience at Xavier University elevated me into a new arena of thinking and practice. I am a different leader today because of the substantive foundation the academic leadership provided for me at Xavier University. Xavier University has excellent professors who possess the knowledge to skillfully and successfully teach classic health services, as well as balance their lectures in order that their unique industry experiences are tied into the academic foundation of their classes.

On the administrative residency...
I thoroughly enjoyed my administrative residency at the Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. It exceeded my expectations and provided me with an opportunity to reflect both critically and practically on the knowledge I obtained within an academically stimulating communal learning environment. In particular, I found the principles discussed in the Clinical Processes and Quantitative Methods classes to be particularly useful in providing me insights on many projects. These insights resulted in a series of intellectual contributions for the organization for which I supported during my residency.

On her career since graduation...
Many opportunities have availed themselves to me for advancing my career in such a short time since graduation due to the Master of Health Services Administration experiences with Xavier University. While working for the Department of Veterans Affairs, I have been presented with numerous positions and opportunities to both manage and assist with the processes to improve the care provided to our veterans.

Alumni Biographies

Dr. Alice M. Warner


Dr. Alice M. Warner, class of 1985, was appointed Program Director for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) in Battle Creek, Michigan, after serving as a program associate in Leadership at WKKF and an external consultant to WKKF for the Devolution Initiative. She has more than 20 years experience in healthcare including work as a consultant for the Institute for Education and Training and a special assistant to the president/Director of Total Quality Management at Marietta College. She was the Director for the Information/Resource Center at Bethesda Hospital and Deaconess Association and an instructor/media coordinator for Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati School of Nursing.

She holds her bachelor's degree in psychology and her master's degree in communication from the University of Cincinnati. She earned a master's degree in health and hospital administration from Xavier University, as well as a master's degree in organizational development and her doctorate in human and organizational systems from the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Warner is also a certified healthcare executive through the American College of Healthcare Executives.