Your First Year at Xavier

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You already know that your education at Xavier is going to be academically challenging, personal and rooted in service. But how does this idea of holistic learning benefit you during your first year? During the summer, you'll sign up for classes and programs that will help you explore your passions and talents. Through those classes you'll grow spiritually, volunteer in the community and meet professionals who will mentor you throughout your time at Xavier and beyond. You'll also make lifelong friends along the way.


At Xavier, you'll get all that and more. Starting on day one.

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Xavier Core Strengths

Our core curriculum are the foundational courses your major is built upon. We believe that in order to be successful, you must think critically. You must communicate well. You must find solutions with a sense of humanity and empathy. At Xavier, we will teach you just that. We call it the core.

Why the First Year Matters

Why the First Year Matters

First year classes are designed to help you discover your interests and talents. The professors you meet, students you connect with and subjects you learn about will help you have a successful first year and set the tone for the next four years. And your own Peer Mentor will help and support you along the way.

First-Year Seminar

(CORE 100) Navigate real-life situations through the lens of a topic that interests you. In the FYS classes, you'll master employable skills like constructing an effective argument, research and creative thinking. Plus, your instructor will serve as a mentor for you throughout your entire time at Xavier. Choose between classes like Bicycling our Bioregion, The Politics of Bob Dylan and Obamacare & the Zombie Apocalypse.


(CORE 101 & 102) College can be exciting and challenging—especially during those first few months. Meet weekly with your Goa class to learn the ins and outs of living on campus and find out how your passions fit into life at Xavier. Class topics include on campus resources, wellness and Jesuit values and career preparation.


Life's decisions are often much more complex than choosing between "right" and "wrong." Knowing how to make a smart, informed decision is key. Examine ethics and other socially significant issues in light of the Jesuit tradition that encourages students to be intellectual, moral and spiritual citizens.

When you take it: Fall or Spring Semester

Why the First Year Matters

Liberal Arts Perspective

Liberal Arts Perspectives courses help lead you to practical, wise and sensitive action in the world.

Courses include:

  • Creative Perspectives - Art, Music, Theatre & Communication
  • Historical Perspectives - History & Classics
  • Mathematical Perspectives - Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Philosophical Perspectives - Philosophy
  • Scientific Perspectives - Biology, Physics, Psychology & Sociology
  • Theological Perspectives - Theology
  • Electives in Humanities, Natural Sciences & Social Sciences

Pursue your passions

At Xavier, we don't separate passion from profession. Do what you love — starting your first year.

Explore Clubs and Organizations Service Learning Opportunities

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